Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East 2009 Profiles

itc-east-logo.gifInternet Telephony Conference & Expo East 2009 takes place February 2, 2009 - February 4, 2009 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida. Listed below are the exhibitor profiles.

Company: Aculab
Booth: 516
Media Contact: Soma Deshprabhu
Phone: 44 (0)1908 273827

Aculab’s enabling technology products offer easy integration into high performance communications platforms. Its Prosody portfolio provides adaptable, high density media processing for use in VoIP and TDM applications in both carrier and enterprise markets.

GroomerII is a cost-effective signaling and media gateway with intelligent call routing between ISDN or SS7 and SIP-based applications deployed in IP networks.

The ApplianX IP Gateway and the ApplianX Gateway for Microsoft OCS 2007 are resilient, single purpose, ‘plug & play’ network appliances, designed to help enterprises reduce operational costs, extend the life of existing TDM-based equipment and take advantage of new IP-based services and endpoints.

Booth: 427
Media Contact: Ilka Bodmann
Phone: 49 4121 4729-375

Basis Audionet is a full-service IT organization that develops and supports carrier and enterprise-grade solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our platform solutions for wireline, wireless and next generation IP networks are innovative, reliable and cost-effective. Backed by a global customer base, we feature consulting, development and integration along with the hosting and housing of system hardware, all with full after-sales support.

Basis Audionet ensures end-to-end lifecycle oversight of the creation, deployment, and management of communications services and applications. By leveraging open standards and interfaces, Basis Audionet is able to serve the needs of Carriers, ISPs, Resellers and MSOs to utilize new technologies while supporting legacy infrastructure for true convergent services.

Company: Broadvox
Booth: 208
Media Contact: David Byrd
Phone: 214.646.8004
Web: &

Founded in 2001, Broadvox is a worldwide leader in providing integrated managed VoIP services to SMBs, Enterprises and Carriers. It has deployed one of the largest, full-featured global VoIP networks and is trusted by more than 200 telecommunications carriers, CLECs, ISPs and several thousand enterprises to terminate and originate over six billion minutes annually. The Broadvox network operations center provides the reliability, security and quality of service required by the world’s most discriminating customers. Broadvox offers SIP Trunking, SIP origination and termination services and hosted communications solutions. SIP Trunking includes unlimited local calling and long distance, E911, LNP and DIDs. Broadvox is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Company: Endstream Communications
Booth: 632
Media Contact: Mindy Gordon
Phone: (212) 796-5501

Endstream is a privately held, facilities-based telecommunications company offering high-grade wholesale carrier termination services to CLECs, IXCs, Voice-over-IP providers, as well as a wide range of services to enterprise customers. A strong, dedicated development team and real-world testing have resulted in one of the industry's most advanced, and reliable, networks with superior voice quality equal to or better than traditional digital services. Endstream has only the highest quality routes in the US and select Tier 1 international routes, and its custom pricing plans allow for highly cost-effective termination.

Company: Faxsipit Services Inc.
Booth: 534
Media Contact: Eli Mann
Phone: 604-375-3790

A VoIP network is not a Fax-over-IP (FoIP) network. VoIP networks can transmit faxes to some numbers, some of the time. Customers replacing analog phone and fax systems with IP based systems need more. They need the same delivery rate and quality from the new systems — with all of their existing faxing options supported.

The FaxSIPit Network is a proven IP-based fax network that has transmitted millions of faxes successfully by insuring that all fax calls terminate to TDM lines — technology that has worked for decades. VoIP providers can route their local fax traffic to local TDM lines. Faxes transmitted outside the local area can be routed to the FaxSIPit Network.

A SIP Fax Trunking package from FaxSIPit is used in conjunction with FaxBack NET SatisFAXtion fax server software and includes IP based fax numbers (DIDs) that have been tested for fax use.

Company: G-Tek
Booth: 728
Media Contact: Andrew Blakely
Phone: 214.563.9294

G-Tek provides all aspects of telecommunications product development and manufacturing services for its Partners. Some Partners select to work with G-Tek through the entire Development and Rollout process, whereas other Partners may select to work with G-Tek for the purpose of decreasing costs and/or expediting products to market.

G-Tek Partners brand the G-Tek solutions as their own, implement their own Marketing programs, use their own marketing materials, provide their own Pre- and Post-Sales support for their customers, and work with G-Tek developing Product Roadmap and other business plans and strategies.

Company: IQ Services
Booth: 527
Media Contact: Marla Geary
Phone: 612-243-5117

IQ Services delivers proactive managed testing services to help businesses meet the ROI and customer satisfaction objectives for their contact center and communication solutions.

IQ Services offers end-to-end testing services to assure integrated solutions are as thoroughly tested as the individual technologies (IPT, IVR, CTI, etc). All services are performed from the customer perspective so solution performance and customer experience can be observed, managed and verified. Throughout the life cycle, IQ Services offers performance and load testing, application feature testing, availability monitoring, enterprise IP telephony management and testing, and other services for businesses expecting high system efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Company: MERA Systems
Booth: 433
Media Contact: Daria Golyanina
Phone: 1.905.882.8603 ext. 5973

MERA Systems is a leading developer in VoIP switching solutions and information security systems for carriers and service providers. The state-of-the-art technologies combined with a team of highly qualified professionals are key benefits that allows MERA Systems to offer carriers innovative VoIP solutions bringing efficiency, scalability and rich functionality. MERA Systems’ worldwide presence is built on a powerful combination of technological leadership, knowledge of market needs and commitment to excellence both in products and service. To date, MERA has 600 customer deployments in 74 countries. MERA Systems’ innovations solve today’s challenges and lay the ground for tomorrow’s success.

Company: Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
Booth: 818
Media Contact: Paul Kraska
Phone: 1-763-785-3500

Multi-Tech Systems ( manufacturers Unified Communications, device networking and embedded communications products connecting voice and data over IP networks. Since 1970, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., has designed and manufactured high-quality, innovative, global communication products and continues to provide exceptional service and support exceeding customer expectations. Today’s mission is the same featuring new technologies with an identical focus: connecting voice and data over IP networks. Multi-Tech products include: MultiVOIP voice/fax over IP gateways, FaxFinder network fax servers, RouteFinder Internet security appliances, SMSFinder turnkey SMS servers, MultiConnect external device servers, CallFinder cellular gateways, MultiModem cellular and PSTN device networking products, plus SocketModem and MMCModem embedded communications products.

Booth: 727
Media Contact: MICHELLE
Phone: 886 3 5635662

Founded in 2004 as a VoIP developer, Soundwin's main product lines have advanced VoIP access devices such as 2 – 24 analog lines VoIP gateway, IP phone, ATA Wi-Fi ATA, IP PBX, VPN GATEWAY and GSM-VoIP gateway system for enterprise, SOHO, and ITSP markets.

Company: Telecom Gear
Booth: 234
Media Contact: Jessi Evans
Phone: 800-964-4327

Telecom Gear is the professional’s resource for buying and selling telecommunications equipment. Whether you are a telecom installer, a telecom wholesaler, or even a Fortune 500 End user, Telecom Gear has been and continues to be the go to guide for all your telecommunication needs.

Company: Touchstone Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 212
Media Contact: Beth Coupe
Phone: 1.215.672.6550

Touchstone Technologies has been providing essential communications testing solutions since 1989. Specializing in delivering exceptional value in state-of-the-art voice and video test and measurement products, Touchstone offers highly scalable, widely deployable call generation, monitoring, and analysis tools designed for complete lifecycle testing of networks and network devices. The WinSIP™ and Win323™ real-time call generators feature 100% software based voice and video over IP call emulation. Our WinEyeQ™ monitoring and analysis solution provides an intuitive VoIP-centric view of your network traffic. All of the products implement our new peering fabric, offering unprecedented scalability as well as seamless integration with third-party applications.

Company: Venali, Inc.
Booth: 412
Media Contact: Jessica Justh
Phone: 786-552-1900 x1023

Venali is a leading provider of Internet Fax Services to corporations around the world. Hundreds of enterprise and Fortune 500 customers rely on our Desktop and Production Fax Solutions to streamline the sending, receiving, and managing of fax communications. Our partner network provides integration with technologies and industries of every kind worldwide. Venali's corporate headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. International offices are in Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Global enterprises all over the world know and rely on Venali as the leader for fax solutions.

Company:, LLC
Booth: 329
Media Contact: Steve Safley
Phone: 847-230-9225

We are a leading agency devoted to private label hosted VoIP services. Our clients come from all backgrounds [ISP, Cable Co., CLEC, 'pure play' VoIP company] and want to brand sell VoIP services to their customers under their own brand. Our clients have the freedom to work directly with our carrier partner, or to procure their services through our agency's contract. The latter is new offer for our agency in 2009 and has already received a tremendous response from our clients. We offer even more choices and our goal is to help our clients whenever possible while being easy to do business with.

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