EMCC Software and DeFi Mobile Partner to Create Mobile VoIP Client

emcc_logo.gifEMCC Software collaborated with DeFi Mobile to create an innovative VoIP mobile client that helps enable DeFi Global Access, a recently launched unlimited global calling and data service that allows companies and individuals to thwart expensive international long-distance and roaming fees.

DeFi Global Access is a subscription-based service enabling its members to make and receive unlimited phone calls worldwide via WiFi access to DeFi Mobile’s carrier-grade, global IP network - all for a flat monthly fee. The service also includes unlimited worldwide Internet and data access for mobile device web browsing and e-mail. As part of this service, DeFi Global Access members’ mobile devices automatically connect to millions of private, free and commercially available access points around the world. This is the result of more than 50 global partnerships involving 75+ countries and includes 15,000+ hotels, 120+ international airports and tens of thousands of coffee shops, restaurants and marinas around the world.

EMCC Software LogoCurrently, DeFi Global Access supports the Nokia E and N Series Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices. Users of the DeFi Mobile service can subscribe online at www.defimobile.com and easily download the mobile client through the provisioning system both of which EMCC developed.

To support DeFi’s development efforts, EMCC drew on its rich software library and its extensive expertise in mobile VoIP, Wi-Fi application development and provisioning gained through earlier efforts to help DeFi to improve its mobile client software implementation.

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