Cypress Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications Failover Options

Cypress Communications is taking business continuity to the next level by offering multiple failover solutions for its C4 IP hosted VoIP and hosted unified communications solution. Already delivered through a robust private network that’s built to ensure continuity, C4 IP has been enhanced with three failover options: VoIP failover, VoIP and public data network failover, and VoIP and private data network failover.

In the event of a voice access disruption on the network, the VoIP failover solution is designed to redirect voice traffic to a separate data access line, without active calls dropping. With either the VoIP and public data failover or the VoIP and private data failover, if the primary data access (such as the Internet connection or wide area network) goes down, traffic is rapidly rerouted through the VoIP network. Both data failover options include a VoIP failover component, so if an interruption occurs on either the VoIP or data network, the solutions are designed to automatically reroute traffic to the active network, enabling users to connect, communicate, collaborate and continue business as usual.

Cypress Communications’ network, which has been engineered for 99.999% availability and local site survivability with no single point of failure, is designed to automatically detect potential faults and self-correct and is supported by redundant devices to ensure maximum availability of communications. The hosted VoIP and hosted unified communications functionality is offered via distributed, carrier-grade switching and multimedia platforms that feature full component and geographical redundancy. The addition of failover solutions further ensures business continuity by providing alternate routes for communications traffic.

C4 IP is an enterprise-class hosted VoIP and hosted unified communications solution that features integrated voice and data access, desktop phones, PC-based phones, unified messaging and cutting-edge multimedia applications. Cypress Communications manages C4 IP from the IP network to the phone on each desk, ensuring that businesses can take advantage of all the features, functionality and continuity benefits of the solution with no capital expense, no need to hire additional IT staff and no worries of technological obsolescence.

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