VOXOFON's New Application for Calls on Android Mobile Platform

VOXOFON to provide service for the new Android platform built by the Open Handset Alliance. The new service, which offers transparent cost optimization for roaming and international calls, will be available for use on Android phones when they become available later this year.

Beginning at 1.3 cents per minute, with no additional fees, VOXOFON international calling services allow customers to call using their computer, their land line, their cell phone or a smart phone. The company already offers an iPhone web application with a familiar user interface and a way to manage contacts, with no downloading or installation.

For calls from a PC, there is no need to download any special software, and VOXOFON works on both Windows and Linux systems with Java runtime installed. For calling card users, VOXOFON customers can use their accounts as virtual calling cards. And for customers without access to a computer, VOXOFON even offers local phone numbers in 54 countries, allowing customers to make international calls while paying the local rate.

All VOXOFON services are available under a single account, providing customers with the flexibility to use the service they find most convenient.

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