SkyWi Completes Merger with One Connect IP

SkyWi has successfully completed its merger with One Connect IP, making the combined entity one of the largest regional companies to provide Internet, VoIP, and other related broadband services to customers throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Nevada. The merged company will operate under the SkyWi corporate brand and its service offerings will continue to be sold under the SkyWi, One Connect IP and ZiaNet brands.

The merger assembles a unique combination of facilities-based wireline network infrastructure; rapidly deployable, carrier-class wireless last mile; enterprise-class VoIP telephony; and UltraSpeed broadband Internet access to a range of residential and business customers throughout markets that surround Tier 1 metropolitan areas, as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

More than 95% of the Internet coverage in the U.S. is classified as Broadband 1.0, which means that when fully-loaded, most traffic to the end user is around 200Kb/s and rarely peaks beyond 2 - 10Mb/s. Broadband 2.0 refers to traffic that can be sustained up to 10Mbp/s and can peak as high as 100Mb/s. SkyWi focuses on delivering Broadband 2.0 infrastructure with an eye on scaling up to new technology as they become available; such as Gigabit Wi-Fi as recently announced by the IEEE.

The merger also enables SkyWi to offer wholesale services to ILECs and CLECs enabling them to more efficiently utilize their existing physical network infrastructure. In many cases they will be able to increase their fixed asset utilization by as much as three times.

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