Vonage Pro to Keep Customers Connected to Their Home Phone on the Go

Unlimited Calls to the US + 60 Countries - $24.99/montVonage launched its Vonage Pro, a digital voice offering featuring five innovative components that keep you connected to your home life while on the go, including the ability for customers to use their home phone number virtually anywhere they have access to a high speed Internet connection. Vonage Pro is the next step in the MyVonage product strategy, which is focused on developing products and services based on the requests of customers who have a wide variety of lifestyles and communication needs.

Vonage Pro features five components that specifically accommodate the lifestyle of "prosumers," or professional consumers who are comfortable with and understand the benefits of using technology to improve their personal and professional lives.

With Vonage Pro, You are Home ... Away from Home

The offering includes a next generation Vonage SoftPhone client, Vonage Companion, that allows the residential or home office user to access their home number from any desktop or laptop PC connected to a high speed Internet connection, enabling them to communicate as if they are at home.
  • Incoming calls ring both the customer's home phone and their Companion, and customers can make outgoing calls on both devices simultaneously -- essentially providing a second phone line.
  • Vonage Companion also offers customer requested features such as selective call block, conference calling, personalized ringtones and call recording.
  • Customers can use their PC's built-in microphone and speakers or plug in a headset with microphone to make and receive calls.
  • Vonage Companion automatically synchronizes with Vonage Contact Center
  • Home office users will never miss an important call when away on vacation or on a business trip.
Vonage Pro also includes Unlimited Vonage Residential Digital Voice service, 25 Vonage Visual Voicemail messages, 25 411 Directory Assistance calls, and automatic integration of Vonage Contact Center -- all for one monthly rate. Vonage Visual Voicemail automatically transcribes voicemails to email or SMS text so customers can read, store, search, and respond to their voicemail messages on their phone, laptop or mobile device wherever and however they choose. Contact Center provides customers with the ability to synchronize all contacts from their home, desktop and mobile address books while providing additional features such as Voice Activated Dialing and Speed Dial.

Vonage Pro, which comes together with Vonage's Residential Premium Unlimited Plan, will be offered to new customers for a plan fee of $34.99 per month (plus taxes and fees), and the plan fee for the first month will be waived as part of an initial promotion of this plan. Existing customers on the Residential Premium Unlimited Plan can add Vonage Pro for an additional $10 per month and they will also have their first month's Vonage Pro fee waived as part of the initial promotion.

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