Rebtel Wins Mobile VoIP Shootout

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel is consistently the low-price leader among 15 companies compared side by side in a new report just released by Technology Appraisals Limited, an independent market research and publishing company based in London.

On the world's most heavily trafficked calling corridors Rebtel's per minute rates beat Jajah, EQO, mig33, Mobivox, and Truphone, to name just few of the better known companies the study compared. Rebtel's standard rates quoted in the study, entitled Low Cost & Mobile VoIP, also beat market leaders not included, such as Skype, Reliance and Stana Card.

According to the Technology Appraisals' research at least 30 new companies, and possibly as many as 50, have appeared in recent years offering low cost mobile calling.

The Rebtel service works with any mobile phone just the way it is, and works with all mobile operators. There is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. And all new comers get a free 10 minute call to test the service.

After an account is set up subscribers only pay for the minutes they use. Smart Calls between the 47 countries served by Rebtel are always free and only one of the two people on a call must be a Rebtel subscriber.

How Rebtel works
Rebtel gives people local phone numbers in their country to call their friends, family or work colleagues who live abroad. By making all calls local, people can call each other as often as they like and talk as long as they want, for little or nothing more than the cost of the local calls.

That means, for example, Rebtel gives someone living in Los Angeles a local Los Angeles phone number that connects them to their friend in Mexico City. And Rebtel gives the person living in Mexico City a local Mexico City phone number to call their friend in Los Angeles.

Getting started is fast and easy:
1. Go to and enter your mobile number and your friend's mobile number.
2. Rebtel creates local numbers and sends them in text messages (SMS) to each phone.
3. Save the number in your phone's address book and use it any time to call your friend abroad.

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