Launches VoIP-based Services commences operations with the introduction of IP-based phone services targeting entrepreneurs and households. Designed as a one-stop portal for communications services, features new Virtual Office and Home Phone offerings with plans starting at $9.88 per month. The company is also in the developmental stages of several additional communications technologies and anticipates adding new products in the first half of 2008. products provide the ability to customize a variety of phone services for professional or personal use, and to modify their operations as needed via the user-friendly web interface or customer service agents.

According to a recent report by In-Stat, US SOHO (small office/home office) businesses are beginning to gravitate towards VoIP, the technology that is the backbone of offerings. Of SOHOs that use VoIP, 32% of respondents said it is the exclusive means by which they communicate. In response to this growing trend, offers flexible, cost-effective IP-based communications services that operate from multiple locations -- home, office, or mobile phones -- and which will scale with the needs of its customers.


Focusing on infrastructure requirements and budgets of small businesses, the Virtual Office offers sophisticated features that are also easy to use. Starting at $9.88 per month, the Virtual Office enables businesses to either port their own number or request a local, vanity and/or toll-free number and then "build" a virtual business phone system from an extensive selection of features, including auto attendant, phone extensions, voicemail, fax services, and many other private branch exchange (PBX)-like features and applications.'s Virtual Office is also appropriate for businesses with international calling needs, whether they are based in the US or abroad. Virtual Office offers subscribers the ability to set up a US number for clients to dial, with all calls then forwarded to the designated international number. Additionally, calls routed to land lines in eight countries will be charged at US domestic rates: Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Holland.

Key features of the Virtual Office service are's "Follow Me Calling" and "SMS Voicemail Notification," which can be customized for each user. "Follow Me Calling" enables customers to forward incoming Virtual Office calls to four different numbers, ringing each location for a set time until the call is answered. "SMS Voicemail Notification" sends users a text message alerting them of any voicemails still remaining on the Virtual Office system.


In addition to its Virtual Office package, offers a service for residences called Home Phone. Using VoIP technology,'s Home Phone product features high-quality digital voice services with advanced features including the ability to take your service with you upon traveling.

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