Demand for VoIP is on the Rise in Canada

Demand for VoIP in Canada is at all time high according to the recent report conducted by and other VoIP providers in Canada. It estimates that 1 out of every 12 Canadian is currently enjoying the benefits of VoIP. This increasing trend may not prove surprising considering the benefits of this feature-rich technology.

Various providers of VoIP gadgets and solutions in Canada have witnessed this overwhelming increase in demand for VoIP services in the country. "The demand for VoIP has not only been overwhelming for service providers, but for gadget providers as well. We are already way past our sales target for the year, and the trend is very promising. The number of companies, home-based business and ordinary individuals coming to us for their VoIP needs have grown substantially," says founder Alex Kovalenko.

VoIP services offer companies and home owners with cost-effective services phone lines that are digitally incorporated with the Internet. Though cost reduction in long distance calls is by far its most useful benefit for businesses and home owners alike, VoIP offers so much more. At many companies, VoIP unifies communication channels and integrates into various business applications (such as customer service) thereby improving productivity and company image. VoIP phone systems now come with added features such as PBX, auto attendant, call queuing, and voice mail, to name a few.

Ariel Roberge, VP of eBusiness at Eteriors Inc. - an online B2B development firm - based in Montreal, decided to implement VoIP to save money on long distance and provide more flexibility to the emplyees. "We have people in California and Quebec - and every month it costs us a fortune with Telus to connect with each other. Now with VoIP internal calling - we interconnect freely without constraints between our offices. We can chose our providers on a global scale and setup local numbers in most cities, It was definitely a great move forward.".

Eldred Rego, a home user in Toronto, indicated that he is switching his home to VoIP because it will cost him much less to call his relatives overseas if he starts using VoIP with under $200 in up-front investments.

VoIP technology has existed for almost a decade now, but the potential of this technology has not been fully realized until the recent years. The technology behind VoIP is most likely to evolve further to provide more benefits to its end users. As such, the positive trend observed with the demand of VoIP in Canada will be expected to further increase. "VoIP is the solution to our every communication need. We are determined to help our clients feel comfortable and take the most advantage of the functionality and value of VoIP. We also want to make VoIP to be within reach to all Canadians," ends Mr. Kovalenko.

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