Next-Generation iRiver Device to Get VoIP and Video

Reigncom parent company of mp3 player manufacturer iRiver has licensed TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice&Video Engine Mobile to guarantee the brilliant voice and video performance in the new iRiver Unit2 portable media player. TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice&Video Engine Mobile will run in Unit2, the new iRiver portable media player. The new-generation device is invented to deliver home users convergence of multiple features: the device will incorporate voice over IP phone, voice and video over IP conferencing terminal, DVD player, TV tuner, WiFi access point, will support an SD slot and USB connectivity, and will handle voice and video over IP calls and conferencing, music, movies, photos, eBooks, and WiFi streaming.

TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice&Video Engine Mobile is a complete solution that delivers a rich voice and video experience for mobile OEMs. Due to sophisticated algorithms the engine enables best-of-breed voice, as well as three-way video conference calls with 10 fps on a low cost 200 MHz mobile phone for 3G VT and V2oIP applications. The engine provides longer battery life thanks to extremely low MIPS consumption. TeamSpirit® Mobile is specifically designed for next generation mobile devices like portable players with Wi-Fi adapter, dual mode phones (cellular + WiFi), WiFi phones, softphones on mobile platforms, IP voice and videophones, and 3G mobile phones (with video telephony support).

TeamSpirit 3.0 Mobile is available on all ARM9 and ARM9E based processors (XScale, OMAP and others), along with ARM AudioDE and TI C64x.

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