Webinar on VoIP Measurements with Meaning: Quality Metrics from the End User Perspective

Keynote Systems and Pulvermedia invite you to join Rajeev Kutty, product manager for Voice Perspective on October 3rd at 11am PT for a practical and informative discussion on VoIP Measurements with Meaning: Quality Metrics from the End User Perspective

Voice calls are a mission critical component for Contact Centers and Businesses adopting VoIP. The quality of your voice service is the most important measurement of the success of the implementation. If your customers cannot hear you, no amount of flexibility or cost savings is worthwhile. With VoIP's addition to your technical infrastructure, you have added tools, measurements and reports to evaluate. What are the important metrics for your VoIP implementation and where do you get them?

This webinar will cover the quality metrics from an "outside - in" perspective including:
  • What are the metrics for VoIP including MOS and PESQ
  • Where should the data come from
  • How to manage service levels
Network traffic is increasing and voice traffic is a growing portion of that increase. The specialty needs of voice as a part of your unified communications plans require extra attention to ensure that the customer experience is only improved by the technology. End to End testing must incorporate the additional measurements from the external client perspective. The call quality can be different if measured outside as well as inside your network. Both metrics are important in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Industry research has shown that overall service levels are improving. During this session, Keynote will share top line results of its most recent industry studies of voice quality.

What: VoIP Measurements with Meaning: Quality Metrics from the End User Perspective
When: October 3rd - 11am PT
Where: http://webinars.pulvermedia.com/archives/2007/09/voip_measuremen.php
How: Live over the Internet -- Simply log on to the web at the address above.

Who should attend: This webinar is targeted for CTOs, Contact Center Managers, Line of Business Managers and technical personnel within service provider and Fortune 500 companies involved in VoIP service development and deployment.

Speaker: Rajeev Kutty serves as a product manager in charge of a number of important Keynote Web performance test & measurement services including VoIP and streaming. Prior to joining Keynote, Rajeev co-founded a software start up commercializing AI-based data modeling technology. Rajeev has over ten years of product development and consulting experience at companies such as HP and Panasas. Rajeev has an engineering degree in electronics & communications and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University where he was awarded the Enterprise Award with Special Distinction.

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