Communicate In-Game with PLAYXPERT TeamSpeak Widget

PLAYXPERT announces availability of the PLAYXPERT TeamSpeak Widget. The joint solution will ensure that millions of players worldwide can seamlessly communicate through PLAYXPERT in-game. Players can finally not only get an upper hand on their game with PXP in-game tools, they can also strategize using TeamSpeak for real time voice communication with other players on points of attack, focus fire, team targeting, and much more. The solution will be available for demonstration at the IBM Booth at the Austin Game Developers Conference, September 5-7, 2007.

"We are thrilled to be working with PLAYXPERT. They have incredible technology and great business execution," said Florence Espinoza, Director of Sales for TeamSpeak. "With thousands of online gamers using TeamSpeak VoIP technology at any given time, gamers are going to greatly benefit because of the availability of this new widget. In short, users will be able to use the best VoIP toolset in conjunction with the best in-game community platform."

The TeamSpeak widget is available for download from the PLAYXPERT site, This special widget supports member rosters in each channel, fade-in notification of who is talking, identification of whether they are a channel commander, and the ability to kick, ban, and move users between chat channels. These features are critical to remain productive while in-game.

"By delivering a TeamSpeak Widget, PLAYXPERT is leveraging the best tools that clans, guilds, and individual gamers use today. This is in stark contrast to other companies who are cobbling together a voice solution and bundling it into their community toolset. Effective clans and guilds are fanatical about using common tools for all of their members. For the thousands of clans that have standardized on TeamSpeak, this partnership means that you will be even more equipped with the best gaming toolset on the market," said Charles Manning, CEO of PLAYXPERT. "Although critical to users, until today voice chat could not be managed without alt-tab'ing out of the game and back to the desktop. PLAYXPERT brings TeamSpeak configuration and settings into the game and delivers a competitive edge to any gamer that is using TeamSpeak and PLAYXPERT together."

A driving mantra of being the 'glue', PLAYXPERT does not attempt to re-create or compete with existing gamer tools. Rather, the PLAYXPERT mission is to bring together all aspects of community for the gamer -- to optimize their experience. PLAYXPERT utilizes an in-game overlay technology that works with any game using DirectX and OpenGL. Through an extensible widget architecture, PLAYXPERT brings the key tools that gamers need into the game, giving them more control over their multiplayer gaming community, a richer set of social networking tools and a wider variety of gaming experiences. With PLAYXPERT users playing online games can stay in-game and query information about other users, professions, items, or anything else about the game world as well as utilize an ever expanding array of additional game experience-enhancing widgets.

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