Calisto Pro Headset Simplifies Landline, VoIP and Mobile Phones

Plantronics introduces its Calisto Pro Series offering intuitive design and hands-free capabilities an entirely new way to manage landline, mobile and VoIP conversations.

For anyone who has ever tried to diaper a baby or throw in a load of laundry during a conference call, help is finally here with the Calisto Pro Series. By taking into account direct customer feedback and survey research, Plantronics has designed a compact landline handset with integrated, multi-function Bluetooth headset. Not only can users talk hands-free and multi-task away, they can switch seamlessly between landline, mobile phone and VoIP calls at the touch of a button. It's ideal for busy home pros, occasional telecommuters and multi-tasking parents. Here's a funny video of how the Calisto Pro can help make life simpilar.

Stay Connected Hands-Free, Anywhere

The Plantronics Calisto Pro features a compact landline handset and multi-function Bluetooth headset nested in a clean, elegant charging base. The headset enables home professionals to switch between landline, mobile phone and VoIP calls at the touch of a button. No longer burdened with the cumbersome task of cradling a phone between the neck and shoulder, users can talk hands-free and accomplish simultaneous tasks that fill the work day, from reaching for an important file to signing for a package at the front door while on a long conference call.

The handset is built on digitally encrypted, voice-dedicated DECT 6.0 technology to provide exceptional audio clarity and performance that is free from interference with other home devices, such as WiFi and microwaves. It provides up to 300 feet of roaming range, a built-in speakerphone and flip-up waist clip for on-the-go dialing and Caller ID viewing.

The headset combines a robust noise-canceling microphone and an extended boom to greatly reduce background noise. The headset can be connected to both the handset and a mobile phone to easily answer both landline and mobile calls. Home professionals can also use the Calisto Pro headset with their Bluetooth mobile phone while on the road, and it will automatically reconnect with the home phone upon their return.

Internet Calls Made Easy

Perfect for home professionals who use Internet calling to save on phone bills, Calisto Pro includes a USB port for PC connection. Skype and Yahoo! Voice calls are transferred to the Calisto Pro headset at the touch of a button, allowing home professionals to remotely answer and end conversations from up to 300 feet away from the base station. The headset's long boom is designed to enhance VoIP call quality by significantly reducing the risk of echo.

Calisto Pro also enables professionals to easily transfer 200 Microsoft Outlook contacts, with up to three numbers each, into the handset, ensuring that important business associates are easily accessible.

Pricing and Availability

Plantronics Calisto Pro has a MSRP of US $279.95 and will be available online at Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and The Sharper Image in September. It will also be available at The Sharper Image stores nationwide in September and in select US Office Depot, Office Max and Staples stores starting in October.

To learn more about Calisto Pro and view a video demo, please visit

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