ViaTalk CEO Discusses SunRocket Customer Influx

ViaTalk CEO Brendan Brader has been answering user questions in the forums on how his company is dealing with the influx of SunRocket customers.

"We've more than doubled our staff size to date, however getting these new people to the point where then actually serve a purpose above and beyond being a warm body to talk to takes a bit of time. The results of these new hires should start showing soon. -- We have had people on the phones literally all day working on securing more equipment. We have shipments arriving daily, and many thousands of units en route currently. Due to the shortage we've actually had to start periodically ordering equipment a step up from the PAP2's to keep the flow going."

It's nice to see a CEO stepping up and helping shed light on problems or questions customers could be having. So check it out your questions might have already been answered.

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