Internode Launches Second-Generation VoIP Service

Acme Packet announced that Australian broadband provider Internode has deployed Acme Packet’s Net-Net session border controllers to support its recently launched NodePhone2 VoIP service. NodePhone2 is Internode’s second generation VoIP service for business and residential customers throughout Australia. Acme Packet’s SBCs are deployed along with BroadSoft BroadWorks, a VoIP application software platform, as a BroadSoft Premier Access Solution that streamlined the planning and delivery process for Internode’s new service.

Internode’s NodePhone2 launch comes 18 months after the kick-off of its Public Switched Telephone Network outbound-only NodePhone1 service. With NodePhone2, subscribers can now both receive and make calls over the PSTN as well as over Internode’s IP network to other NodePhone2 subscribers. All NodePhone calls are transported on Internode’s fully redundant, private IP national network, which is used by more than 100,000 customers throughout Australia.

Internode's NodePhone2 VoIP solution leverages Acme Packet's SBCs to maximize its service reach, protect the NodePhone network against malicious attacks and assure high service quality. Acme Packet’s Net-SAFE security features, including access control, topology hiding and DoS/DDoS protection, ensure that Internode’s private IP network is both secure and available to provide IP interactive communication services. Acme Packet’s QoS reporting features equip Internode to monitor the quality of every NodePhone call by reporting media statistics, including jitter, packet loss and latency for every call, allowing Internode to detect and isolate quality-impacting problems. Hosted NAT traversal allows subscribers located behind firewalls to be served by NodePhone2 without requiring any changes at the customer site.

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