JAJAH Reaches Two Million Customers

jajahsmall.jpgOne year after its launch, JAJAH has two million consumers that are now taking advantage of its free and low-cost calling options.

The company first introduced global web-activated telephony on March 27, 2006, offering free or low cost phone calls from everyday phones. There is no headset, equipment, contract, or monthly fee and registration is free at JAJAH.com. Calls to other registered JAJAH users are free and calls to unregistered members cost on average 3 cents per minute to U.S. and Europe.

Initially labeled as a Skype killer, the JAJAH service proves that there is a huge market for global Internet telephony that works for average people on regular and mobile phones, regardless of your calling plan.

“One year after launch, our vision remains the same – to bring improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price,” said JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf. “We’re glad to celebrate this milestone and thank the two million users who recognize that they can keep their number, their current phone and choose JAJAH to lower calling costs.”

Key JAJAH milestones:
  • October - December 2005 - Sequoia and Globespan invests in JAJAH
  • February 2006 - ICQ Founder, Yair Goldfinger joins board
  • March 27, 2006 - Global launch
  • May 2006 – JAJAH named to “Red Herring 100”
  • May 2006 – JAJAH offers scheduled call service
  • September 2006 - JAJAH offers conference calling with up to 10 callers
  • September 2006 - JAJAH Mobile announced at Fall DEMO and ETRE
  • October 2006 - Firefox Integration
  • November 2006 - Google Gadget
  • December 2006 – Free calls on Christmas - global calling promotion
  • December 2006 - Media Integration - T-online, ProSiebenSat1
  • January 2007 – JAJAH reaches 1.2 million registered users
  • January 2007 - Apple Widget
  • February 2007 – JAJAH Mobile Web (for smartphones) is available
  • February 2007 - Dynamic Buttons Beta (customized click-to-call options)
  • March 2007 – JAJAH named to “Pulver 100”
  • March 2007 – Joyent, Gumiyo, call center integration
  • March 2007 - Free 411/free Yellow pages
  • March 2007 – JAJAH names CEO Trevor Healy
  • March 27, 2007 - JAJAH turns one and serves 2 million users
How it works

Log on to JAJAH.com and sign up. To make a call, visit the website and enter the number of the person you want to call. Your phone will ring and a voice prompt will tell you that JAJAH is connecting the call. No equipment, headset or contract is required and registration is free. To make a call on your smartphone (Blackberry, Treo, etc.), visit mobile.jajah.com and enter the party’s number or click on a contact in your address book to place a local, long distance or international call.

To use JAJAH you do not have to leave your current phone company and you keep your existing phone numbers and devices. “Users love the service because it does not require them to change their existing phone company or commit to a long-term contract,” says Scharf. “Saving money on phone calls has never been this easy.”

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