Webinar: ''Verizon vs. Vonage: Where does VoIP stand?''

Pulvermedia will be hosting a pre-Spring VON Webinar entitled, "Verizon vs. Vonage: Where does VoIP stand?" on Thursday, March 15th, at 1:00 PM EDT. This special Webinar will provide a preview to one of the many discussions that will take place next week at Spring VON in San Jose.

Thursday's Webinar will specifically discuss the recent court decision about VoIP, providing a backdrop for the pending injunction hearing. It will discuss who stands to benefit as a result of this recent decision, and it will examine what happens next for the VoIP industry as a whole. The discussion is expected to last approximately 40 minutes, covering the following topics:
  • What is the scope of the patents at issue and what was decided?
  • Is this a matter of competitive advantage, or does it raise anticompetitive concerns?
  • What is the impact (if any) on other VoIP providers?
  • What are the implications for regulators and legislatures, and what reaction should be anticipated from the VON community?
Participants will include:
  • Jonathan Askin, Chairman of the VON Coalition
  • Jim Kohlenberger, Executive Director of the VON Coalition
  • Ed Pennington Esq -- Bingham McCutchen LLP.
  • Rob Bertin Esq - Bingham McCutchen LLP.
This Webinar forms a precursor to a meeting that will be held at Spring VON in San Jose on March 19th -- at the end of the Spring VON Policy Summit. Anyone who registers for this Webinar will be entitled to join the follow-on meeting at VON, as well as the VON Expo as a guest of Pulvermedia. To Register, please visit http://www.iian.ibeam.com/events/mult001/21928.

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