Skype and Google Users Get Free Mobile Calls

barablu_logo.gifFree mobile calls platform barablu is giving Skype and Google Talk users the chance to make free calls from a mobile.

barablu has perfected the technology enabling contacts from Skype and Google Talk to be transferred to a Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone.

This breakthrough means users of Skype and Google Talk can utilise the barablu service and call anyone from their contacts list without being tied to their PC. They not only gain free calls, but free texts and voice mail.

Free phone calls using the Internet is rapidly attracting a growing number of converts. This demand has up to now been driven by the likes of Skype and there are 171 million registered users worldwide. barablu takes the development into the next generation.

With barablu they not only gain free calls, but free texts and voice mail from a Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone.

"Skype and Google Talk are fantastic communication platforms but are limited but they are not available on Nokia handsets, which have 36 per cent of market share. They can now be independent of their PCs. This is a very exciting development," said Marcus O'Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer of barablu.

"barablu's service is not only useful for people with Wi-Fi enabled phones who want to talk to each other for free. We also have features for people and businesses looking to save money when calling traditional landline or mobile numbers providers with barablu Out. "

The service is available through a free download from the barablu website. The software is sent to the mobile phone via SMS and automatically configures onto the phone in a simple operation which takes less than a minute.

Details of barablu's new services have been revealed at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona (February 12-15).

"This is the future of telephony. Everything is going to be wireless and barablu will be at the forefront of this development," added Marius O'Reilly.

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