SunRocket Offers $.01 per Minute VoIP Calling to China

sunrocket.gifSunRocket announces an unprecedented new calling plan that drops rates to Asia Pacific locations including China, Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam to as little as one cent per minute.

The annual, all-inclusive $199 Asia Pacific Edition offers a compelling and unique alternative for U.S. consumers who frequently call friends and family located throughout the Asia Pacific. With per-minute calling rates well below traditional phone service offerings and as much as 90 percent less than other major VoIP providers, the SunRocket Asia Pacific Edition value proposition is unmatched in the industry.

"Prior to the SunRocket Asia Pacific Edition, consumers were forced to jump through hoops to seek savings on international calls to these destinations, often resorting to inconvenient and deceptively expensive prepaid calling cards," said Joyce Dorris, SunRocket co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "Now SunRocket makes it easy for consumers to enjoy the lowest per-minute rates to Asia, building upon our mission to change what is possible for consumers and challenge historical pricing practices by our competitors."

The Asia Pacific Edition reduces international rates to $.01 per minute on all calls (landline and cell) to China, Singapore and Hong Kong; and on landline calls to Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea. Landline rates fall to $.02 per minute for Japan; while SunRocket's rate on all calls to Vietnam is cut nearly in half to $.10 per minute.

Additional destinations included in the Asia Pacific Edition are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, and Mongolia.
  • All rates effective as of 12/21/06
  • Rates for SkypeOut Calling
"The Asia Pacific Edition is the first of its kind to bundle these countries together into one all-inclusive calling plan," added Dorris. "As the cost to providers for international calling continues to decline, it is unconscionable for phone companies to force customers into paying outrageously marked-up rates; and with SunRocket's Asia Pacific Edition, they no longer have to."

The $199 annual, all-inclusive Asia Pacific Edition includes unlimited free calling throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. As with other SunRocket plans, customers enjoy enhanced voicemail, over a dozen free built- in calling features, enhanced 911 calling, plus the option to keep their existing phone number.

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