Expanded Wireless Broadband VoIP Services

LignUp Corporation announces that Color Broadband has expanded its wireless voice-over-IP (VoIP) services, which are powered by the LignUp Communications Application Server.

Color Broadband, Southern California’s leading business VoIP and wireless broadband provider, offers a full suite of solutions for delivering data and voice over a hybrid WiMax and WireLine Broadband network. Based on its retail success providing LignUp-powered VoIP services direct to business customers, the company is now offering wholesale VoIP services to building management firms (eSmart program) and service providers (eVoice program). The services create new revenue streams for both Color Broadband and its wholesale partners.

Color Broadband initially implemented the LignUp Communications Application Server in the first half of 2005 in response to retail customer demands for business-class broadband VoIP services. The flexible LignUp VoIP communications platform, which is deployed with hosted telephony, voice mail, unified messaging, auto attendant and other web applications, made it easy for Color Broadband to implement the wide range of IP-PBX services on which businesses rely.

“LignUp provided the building blocks for a scalable, cost-effective infrastructure that allowed us to quickly get our solutions to market,” said Fran McGrath, founder and CEO, Color Broadband Inc. “Our ability to intelligently route voice traffic allows our customers to focus on expanding their businesses and lower overall communications costs. LignUp provides us with easily customizable feature server capabilities that we can deliver and also allows us to create flexible solutions critical to the success of our end customers’ businesses.”

The comprehensive and scalable LignUp server has enabled Color Broadband to extend its retail VoIP services to wholesale customers. Central to facilitating this expansion is LignUp’s partitioning capability, allowing wholesalers to set up flexible hosted IP-Centrex, carrier services, provisioning and billing for each of their customers. This turnkey solution includes the redundant LignUp servers, intelligent call routing, training, second-level support, and back office billing with the ability to show detailed usage reports on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis.

“The ability to extend VoIP as a wholesale offering using LignUp’s software provides a winning solution for service providers and property management firms,” said Scheron Briones, Color Broadband COO. “Under our eSmart Building program, building management firms can generate new revenue streams with competitive, value-added offerings for their tenants. Tenants get an all-in-one service when they lease space in buildings with our eSmart Internet and VoIP service, significantly reducing their IT capital requirements. Meanwhile, we can continue to grow our retail customer base while managing our support costs, since wholesalers using the LignUp Web Interface can easily provide the first line of support for their customers.”

“Service providers like Color Broadband are rapidly expanding hosted VoIP telephony services based on standards-based solutions that lower time barriers to deployment and reduce costs across the life of the implementations,” said Kevin Nethercott, president and COO for LignUp Corporation. “LignUp’s customization capabilities allow providers and their wholesale customers to differentiate their services in the marketplace – a clear business advantage in what is clearly becoming a competitive market. We are pleased to be working with Color Broadband in pioneering the future of WiMax VoIP services.”

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