Virtually a Local Office Presence - on a Global Scale

Internet Telco Combined Technology has launched an affordable Virtual PABX call management system as a hosted "Global Office" - with no PABX equipment to purchase or install.

Combined Technology's Virtual PABX Global Office means telephone extensions can be connected in-house, or to offices or telephone numbers anywhere in the world. Subscribers simply sign up for the service on-line and provide their voice scripts and multi-level extension menus for programming and activation.

Combined Technology is among a growing number of global VoIP Telco's competing for residential and business subscribers world wide. Following the release of our latest SIP Protocol network, as well as the strategic world wide placement of remote servers and gateways; a quality affordable hosted PABX is now a reality for the home business to the Fortune 500 conglomerate, says Director of Business Development, Harmon Wilfred.

Call extensions can be landed on our free global VoIP network, regular telecom lines or even cellular phones with savings of up to 90% against standard telecom toll rates. "You could literally be lounging on a beach in the Bahamas and receive affordable international calls direct from your Virtual PABX mobile extension."

Combined Technology's Virtual PABX global office technology also means subscribers can be contacted by their international customers for free via Virtual Numbers now available in more than 50 countries. "Your international customers can make a local call to your Virtual PABX and connect to company staff anywhere in the world without incurring toll charges. It's virtually a local office presence - on a global scale."

Customers can choose from a selection of monthly subscription plans which start at US$20 per month. Virtual PABX Global Office can be ordered at or from the on-line VoIP shop at The company is currently offering a 14 day trial.

Established in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2002, Combined Technology has VoIP network subscribers in over 100 countries with offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, USA and Europe. The company is an international distributor of netphone handsets, multi-line phone converters, and VoIP software designed and manufactured in China.

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