First VoIP-Based Retail Call Shops in Venezuela

Vistula Communications Services, that Envox IP, a leading telecommunications VoIP carrier in Venezuela, officially deployed it's first of a series of franchised retail call shops across the country, following several months of trial deployments of Vistula's VoIP technology platform, V-Cube.

Based exclusively on Vistula's V-Cube VoIP platform, Envox and a group of local equipment and software providers will deploy a proprietary VoIP-based telephony solution that runs on Venezuela's most commonly used call shop equipment and software. This will allow for very quick and easy installation of a VoIP offering at a fraction of the equipment and software costs typically associated with the installation of a standard PSTN solution.

Envox will have this proprietary V-Cube-based VoIP solution deployed across a number of call shops in Venezuela by the first week of December, with further installations scheduled for completion by years end. Driven by early demand in the VoIP service, Envox is expected to install Vistula's V-Cube-based VoIP solution in approximately 60 call shops within the next six to twelve months, with revenues from these initial deployments expected to begin in December.

"Our VoIP offering is the first of its kind to be marketed by a licensed telecommunications carrier in Venezuela. By leveraging Vistula's V-Cube VoIP platform, we are able to provide a cost effective IP-based solution to each of our call shop franchises, giving each of them a competitive advantage over the traditional call shops that utilize PSTN solution," stated Mr. Jorge Sierra, Envox's President.

Envox has a clear advantage over the competition in the call-shop sector, including:

1. Voice Traffic Cost Reduction: VoIP based calling allows for voice traffic cost reductions of at least 15-20%. Cost savings that go straight to the bottom line of these small business owners.
2. Online Access: Online access gives these small business owners the ability to have direct control over the voice operations in each call shop from anywhere, something currently not available anywhere in the market.
3. New Services: With this solution, these call shops can now offer services such as Conference Calling, Video Conferencing, Fax Service and Internet browsing.

Rupert Galliers-Pratt, Chairman and CEO, Vistula said "We are proud to have Envox as a partner in Venezuela. Our dynamic relationship has been very rewarding as Envox integrates our V-Cube platform into the call shop market. With V-Cube, Envox gains a feature rich and turnkey VoIP platform that effectively enhances their product suite. We look forward to growing even further with Envox in the coming year."

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