Vonage Adds 811 Can You Dig It?

vonage_logo.gifVonage recently added their 511 service to allow customers to get assistance with traffic tie-ups. Now Vonage customers have the option to dial 811 to find out if it is safe to dig before starting on that big project. I guess it's better than cutting some essential cables or even worse cracking a sewage line. The real question is will Vonage users dig the new service?

Vonage's President, Michael Tribolet, said in a statement, "Vonage is pleased to offer its customers the convenience of 811 dialing to help ensure their excavation will be safe. This is just another example of Vonage answering its customer's needs."

Once the call is made, it goes through Vonage's network to a local call center, similar to how the 911 and 511 services work. From there, the customers' local utility company answers and advises the customer whether or not it's safe to dig.

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