Cardo Scala 700 vs Plantronics Discovery 655

These two headsets were put to the test by Yuval Kossovsky of Computerworld for several days. Both had different prices, styles, and most importantly comfort levels.

The Cardo Wireless Scala 700:
  • List price: $69.95, $40 or so at
  • Size: 1.5 inches and about 30% smaller than the 500
  • Parts: BT headset, ear loop, charger, USB charging cable, and a carrying case that also has a belt loop
  • Five-hour charge, the Scala 700 yields six hours of talk time and at least three days of idle
Overall Review: "It's great that the Scala 700 is comfortable, uncomplicated and easy to operate, but the clarity of sound is the most important factor in a headset and here the Scala does not disappoint. Subjective calling tests to using my cell and VoIP chat application yielded excellent results for both sender and receiver. The wind filter on the Scala 700 is even better than the previous model, and I was able to chat next to a blowing air conditioner without noticeable interference."

The Plantronics Discovery 655:
  • List price: $149.95, $84.99 at
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Parts: Headset, Travel Charger, Mini USB Charger and Cable, Soft Gel Ear Tips, Ear Stabilizer, Charging Pocket, AAA Battery Charger
  • 3.5 hours of talk time, optional battery attachment you can use this to get 10 hours out of one charge
Overall Review: "To be fair, there are some very good things about this BT headset. The sound quality is worthy of the Plantronics name, and the design of the headset itself is quite appealing. The inner-ear bud that holds the unit in place is a good idea and quite comfortable, but I could not get the unit to sit securely. If you use the headset in a car or other location where you are physically stationary, the unit remains secured, but in my subjective walking tests, I found it came loose and if I didn't pay attention, it would fall to the ground. Putting this thing back into my ear after hitting the New York City sidewalk was not appealing. There is an optional ear loop attachment, but it was not the main design focus and the hard plastic loop belies that fact."

The Cardo Scala 700 is comes out on top in this review, however the Plantronics model continues to have great sound, but fit disappoints.

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