WiMAX Forum PlugFest

Wintegra Inc., a fabless semiconductor company targeting the access infrastructure market, announced that it is participating in the WiMAX Forum PlugFest that is taking place this week. Wintegra is one of 19 industry-leading companies who are working together to advance interoperability. Wintegra is collaborating at the event with picoChip, whose WiMAX PHY is accepted as a de facto industry standard.

"Wintegra is firmly committed to the WiMAX Forum’s goal of ensuring interoperability, and is proud to be taking part in this event," said Mike Phillip, Vice President of Software Systems at Wintegra. "Our WinHDP (Wintegra Hardware Development Platform) is now in full production and has been shipped to numerous WiMAX customers worldwide, including North America, Europe, Israel, Japan and Taiwan. We intend to progress to full certification – to achieve the WiMAX Forum Certified seal – as rapidly as possible."

The WinHDP integrates picoChip's picoArray multi-core digital signal processor (DSP) running its IEEE 802.16e PHY with the Wintegra WinMax access processor programmed with 16e MAC software for transport and backhaul functionality. Wintegra WinMAX processors can support multiple sectors on the same device and are fully programmable which facilitates multiple Mobile WiMAX profiles on the same hardware. The platform provides direct connectivity between the MAC, picoChip’s PHY, and the RF and antenna subsystems, to create a demonstrable WiMAX basestation. The WinHDP shows the viability of Wintegra and picoChip as the foundation for a low cost, low power solution, well suited for successful field deployments.

WiMAX Forum PlugFests are designed to provide WiMAX equipment suppliers with the opportunity to test and assess the interoperability of their pre-certified products and equipment, in advance of final certification testing.

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