VoiceOne Adds Text Messaging to Click4Me.Net

VoiceOne Communications, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of VoIP, Inc., a leading provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications solutions for service providers, resellers and consumers, announced that it has added Text Messaging (Mobile SMS) functionality to its just-released beta version of Click4Me.Net., the world's first Web-click calling service that utilizes VoIP technology for free phone-to-phone calling. Click4Me.Net is available for testing on VoiceOne's Virtual Lab at http://Labs.VoiceOne.com -- an open forum for users to preview, test free of charge, and provide feedback on new IP communications services developed by VoiceOne.

With this latest addition, anyone can connect to a registered Click4Me.Net member by simply texting "CALL + the member's username" to the Click4Me SMS address. Within seconds, the caller will be automatically connected to the Click4Me member of their choice, free of charge.

Similarly, registered Click4Me members can make free calls to any number by simply texting "CALL + telephone number" to the Click4Me SMS address.

Registered Click4Me.Net members also receive FREE 411 (Directory Assistance) from any cell phone by simply texting "CALL 411" or just "411" to the Click4Me SMS address. Members will be automatically connected to Directory Assistance at no charge, compared to the customary $1.50 to $3 plus charged to cell phones for 411 calls. What's more, the information provided by Directory Assistance can be sent to the caller via SMS Text and saved for later reference.

Features for registered members of the service now include: SMS Text messaging to users, an online Inbox allowing people to leave messages for one another on the Click4Me.Net website, email and SMS text notifications of missed calls or new messages, and many more expanded and new features.

VoIP, Inc. CTO Shawn Lewis said, "Adding Text Messaging to Cick4Me.Net opens up numerous opportunities for Click4Me members and the people they communicate with. With this new technology, Text Messaging is no longer limited to sending notes to other cell phone users but can be used to instantly make calls to people and services for free."

Text Messaging is the latest service added to Click4Me.Net, the world's first Web-click calling service that utilizes VoIP technology for free phone-to-phone calling. In addition to cell phone calls, Click4Me technology can be integrated into emails, web pages, web advertisements and more by embedding a simple hyperlink tag like "Call Me Now."

Anyone who clicks a Click4Me hyperlink will be automatically connected by phone to the owner, free of charge.

Members are not required to sign up for any type of VoIP phone service or use Instant Messaging or any special programs to make and receive phone calls through this service.

To start using the Click4Me.Net service, simply log on and register at http://Labs.VoiceOne.com or at www.Click4Me.Net. Members can then review, provide feedback on the Click4Me service or discuss additional IP communications services with VoIP Inc.'s development team at http://Labs.VoiceOne.com.

Cell phone users can also connect to Click4Me users by navigating to the web interface for cell phones, www.Click4Me.us, and entering the user's e-mail address or Click4Me ID. There is no charge for the call.

VoiceOne plans to add additional Click4Me.Net features over the coming weeks, including voicemail, and a service for business customers. Interested parties may either go to Labs.VoiceOne.com or www.Click4Me.Net to learn more and to start testing the world's first free Web-click calling service.

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