Australian First Mobile Phone Activated VoIP Telephony Service

VoXaLot Communications released a new Mobile phone activated VoIP telephony service where you control the cost. No VoIP equipment or headsets required.

Initiate calls between any two phones, anywhere in the world using your mobile phones browser and pay VoIP rates for the call. No restrictions -- either end can be a land line, mobile or VoIP phone. Subscribers control the cost of the call by choosing their own providers -- there is no lock-in to the service provider. Even choose two different providers for each leg of the call. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

"The new VoXaLot mobile service offers low VoIP rates for calls from your mobile phone" said technical specialist and co-owner of H.A. Enterprises, Martin Burns. "You can call any number in the world, and save significant amounts on direct international calls or when using prepaid mobile cards."

What are the implications? Any Mobile phone with Internet access is all that's required to connect any two destinations worldwide at dirt cheap VoIP prices -- the user decides.

H.A. Enterprises Pty Ltd is an Australian consulting company that was officially formed in July 2005 when three IBM employees came together with a vision to create a company where technology is king.

They have been responsible for many successful VoIP services including and more recently

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