Optical Solutions Launch Intergrated VoIP Service

GPON market leader Optical Solutions Inc. announced that its FiberPath 500 GPON platform has been enhanced with carrier-class quality VoIP service based on the SIP protocol. The integrated VoIP service, which is provisioned without a truck roll, can be deployed as part of an all-IP triple-play offering or offered in tandem with existing TDM voice.

"Our GPON system sets a new QoS standard for VoIP, while also providing a streamlined solution for carriers and their customers," said Optical Solutions President and CEO Mike Dagenais. "Moreover, like our IPTV solution, FiberPath GPON VoIP provides flexibility for carriers no matter where they are in transitioning from a legacy to an all-IP network."

The FiberPath 500 VoIP solution uses the advanced SIP signaling protocol for VoIP. SIP is the only protocol that can scale for multimedia services and future integration with IMS wireless networks. Carriers that deploy Optical Solutions' VoIP therefore gain a range of options for leveraging their investment and generating new revenue streams.

"OSI's VoIP solution is an ideal complement to their IPTV solution - it completes the all-IP triple-play for voice, video and data," said John Schultz, general manager at FTTH Communications. "Our customers are very excited about our plans to upgrade to advanced voice services."

FiberPath 500 VoIP service is seamlessly integrated with the Optical Network Terminal and is provisioned using FiberPath Director, Optical Solutions' service management software. At the customer premises, standard in-home wiring and phone handsets are used to receive the VoIP service from the carrier. The FiberPath VoIP solution is available to new and existing Optical Solutions' GPON customers via a downloadable software enhancement.

FiberPath 500 VoIP features include:
  • E911 service support
  • Standard POTS service
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Call waiting caller ID
  • Three way calling
  • Distinctive ring
  • Visual message waiting indication
  • Vertical service code
Optical Solutions is currently conducting VoIP interoperability testing with several leading softswitch vendors. General availability of the new VoIP enhancement for initial softswitches is scheduled for fourth quarter, 2005.

Optical Solutions' FiberPath 500 system is the only gigabit passive optical network (GPON) platform in North America that is widely deployed and available today. GPON offers unparalleled bandwidth for delivery of advanced voice services, symmetrical high-speed data service and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). The FiberPath 500 system is fully compliant with ITU FSAN standards and is the industry frontrunner in live IPTV deployments.

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