VoIP Helping Move India Towards Golobalization

Adiance Technologies became one of the latest Indian firm to launch VoIP service early last month, Mr. Kushal Sanghvi, Director, Adiance Technologies quoted that “Adiance Technologies had entered into VoIP research a couple of months back . Adiance has now entered into the market by offering complete N2N solutions.”

During our interaction with Mr. Sanghvi he quotes that “In the present fast growing industry every company is making effort towards globalization and believes that giving faster and better support to the customers can attain globalization and VOIP is one of the products. VoIP is helping companies in taking their steps towards globalization. Company runs not only by getting business from customers but also on employees. Voice over IP helps employees in getting instant access to the data irrespective of the location. Customers are also able to deploy network with less upfront costs or with extensive in-house expertise, so it is preferred not only by business but also by an individual.”

VoIP solutions offered by Adiance Technologies are an open source ready to be deployed for any VoIP based service provider. Adiance claims to have an entire in-house VoIP team set u which has been continuously doing research activities and developing niche technologies to provide advance solutions to the market.

For more details contact support@adiance.com or visit their website http://www.adiance.com

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