SecureLogix Provides First-Of-Kind Security and Management Capabilities

SecureLogix Corporation, a leading enterprise telephony security and management company, announced the availability of version 5.0.1 of its award-winning ETM (Enterprise Telephony Management) System at VoiceCon Fall 2005 today. Version 5.0.1 of industry's leading voice firewall and management platform adds H.323 protocol support to complement its existing support for SIP, T1-CAS, ISDN-PRI, and Analog telephony traffic.

The remotely-managed ETM System enables unified, enterprise-wide visibility and control over all voice network access, usage, and performance across any multi-vendor mix of hybrid VoIP/legacy infrastructure. The ETM Platform hosts a suite of software modules providing first-of-kind telephony security and management capabilities.

ETM System security software provides voice application-layer protections to block TDM- and VoIP-specific attacks against telecom and data network resources, such as denial-of-service (DoS), toll fraud, service abuse, harassing calls, information theft and tampering, fax and VoIP spam, malformed VoIP packets, modem line back doors into the corporate LAN, and other unauthorized phone traffic. ETM System management applications provide voice service performance/QoS monitoring, policy-based call recording, and unified call accounting across mixed TDM and VoIP environments.

In addition, ETM System 5.0.1 enables complete voice network visibility through enhanced analysis of site-to-site traffic across H.323- and SIP- compliant WAN trunks. These "VoIP tie lines," utilized for campus-to-campus toll bypass, are a longstanding blind spot to the enterprise, and carry a large volume of calls which have never been properly tracked or secured. New ETM System software now provides visibility into WAN trunk bandwidth usage trends, peak utilization rates, service performance characteristics, and long distance toll savings levels realized through the use of VoIP services (toll bypass ROI). Additionally, release 5.0.1 protects low bandwidth links against DoS flood attacks, one of the most severe threats to voice service availability and performance.

"SecureLogix is committed to helping organizations secure and manage all of their voice systems and services via one unified console, no matter what mix of legacy and/or VoIP switching systems they own," said Kirk Vaughan, SecureLogix director of product management. "The ETM System provides an integrated toolkit to remotely secure critical voice systems, ensure near- constant dial tone availability, monitor call quality and service performance, and audit voice network usage and utilization throughout all phases of convergence. Version 5.0.1 is the next step in realizing our vision of a unified platform to provide integrated voice security and management functions across any mix of enterprise vendor equipment, protocol, or infrastructure."

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