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Yahoo! Messenger with Voice 7.5 Free PC-to-PC calls:
Call your friends for free with PC-to-PC Calling in Yahoo! Messenger. Just download Yahoo! Messenger, add a friend and click the call button. You can talk for hours for free!

Phone Out:
Call landlines and mobile phones for dirt cheap With great rates on domestic and international calls, you can talk for hours and still save on your phone bill.

Phone In:
Get a phone number for your computer Let friends call you on your PC - using their land line or mobile phones. You can pick your area code, so friends still enjoy local rates when calling you wherever you are.

Enjoy free voicemail:
Step away from your computer without worrying about missing an important message.

Add soundblasts to conversations Liven up calls with fun sound effects (breaking glass, a drum roll, applause, and more).

Pick your own ringtone to play when you receive a call through Yahoo! Messenger.

Website: Free Worldwide PC Calls with Yahoo! Messenger with Voice.

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