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Broadvox_Logo.gifBroadvox entered the telecommunications market in 2001. It began as a small provider of VoIP services to other carriers but quickly established a reputation for providing a high quality service at a very competitive price. Our business grew quickly and soon Broadvox had established a nationwide network and was known as one of the country’s preeminent “carriers’ carrier” for VoIP. In 2003, Broadvox began offering SIP origination and termination, which further improved the quality of the voice transmission and expanded our service offerings. Extending the product offering spurred company growth and Broadvox has been financially stable and profitable since the second half of 2003.

The Broadvox mission statement is “To be the premier provider of VoIP, SIP and IP communication applications and services delivered by the most skilled and motivated team in the industry.” As we accomplish our mission, our customers’ communications needs are met, our partners are enriched and Broadvox continues to be a leader in the world of SIP.

Broadvox is committed to maintaining its position as an industry leader of the VoIP revolution and is the service provider of choice for businesses that are interested in the financial and operational benefits of migrating to IP communications. Broadvox is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in Cleveland, Ohio.

SIP-PSTN termination in the United States and Canada with pricing plans available by:
  • LATA or OCN plans
  • Blended rate pricing
  • Complimentary toll-free bound termination
Private Peering services include these features:
  • Settlement free peering
  • ENUM
  • Bilateral agreement
Wholesale SIP PSTN DID/DDI origination offers:
  • Aggregated DID service in the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada (over 7000 rate centers)
  • API or web portal available
  • Real time telephone number provisioning
Value-added (bundled or unbundled) services include:
  • E911
  • Directory listing
  • LRN dipping over SIP
  • CNAM storage service
  • CNAM delivery service click here to learn more
IP-Local Voice (bundled or unbundled) wholesale product delivers:
  • TN based billing
  • Unlimited local termination*
  • Unlimited origination*
  • Unlimited long distance in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada
  • E911
Broadvox also offers interconnection options for carrier solutions, such as:
  • SIP-RFC 3261
  • Fax: T.38 with G.711 fallback
  • DTMF: G.711 or RFC 2833/4733
  • Codecs: G.711, G.729 with option of codecs on demand
Broadvox serves as a physical interconnect between New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago with:
  • Private (GigE or FastE) ethernet peering
  • xDS3, SS7, ISDN
  • * Restrictions apply
Phone: 347-894-0000

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