Noise Reduction Software and Recorder for PC Calls

SoliCall has developed an innovative and breakthrough technology that will help VoIP users to reduce unwanted noises during calls, in real time. Screaming kids? Barking
dogs? Keyboard-strokes? With SoliCall it will sound less
disturbing than it really is.

This free beta version is aimed at improving the sound quality when making any type of VoIP call (e.g. PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone). SoliCall is designated to reduce ambient sound that the speaker may have. Its noise reduction performance can be enhanced by tuning it to a specific speaker.

SoliCall supports major Voice over Internet Protocols telephony services like Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and others.
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Solution for Self-Service Business VoIP

Atreus Systems announced that Shift Networks have successfully deployed Atreus' solution in twelve days to automate the provisioning and management of its business VoIP service. In addition to VoIP, Shift is leveraging Atreus' library of provisioning modules for advanced IP services, to accelerate the delivery of their self-service Microsoft Exchange offering.

"We selected Atreus based on their robust functionality, proven deployment experience, and unmatched ability to operationalize their customers within weeks," said Erik Lagerway, chief technology officer, Shift Networks. "By simplifying complex VoIP provisioning flows and enabling customer self-service and administration, Atreus is helping us streamline a sophisticated suite of call applications for our business customers. As we grow our customer base with VoIP and advanced IP services, Atreus will continue to help Shift reduce the cost and complexity of managing our service offerings."
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Vonage says Over 93% of U.S. Subscribers Now Have E911

vonage-logo.gifVonage announces that over 93% of its U.S. subscriber lines are now equipped with Enhanced 911 (E911) service -- a feature that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number.

Vonage's nomadic E911 solution gives customers the ability to reach a Public Safety Answering Point, or 911 center, through the dedicated 911 network infrastructure. With Vonage's nomadic E911 solution, a customer's call is automatically routed to the appropriate 911 center, with the caller's registered street address and telephone number appearing on the dispatcher screen -- regardless of where or what exchange they are calling from. Vonage will continue to turn up and test new PSAPs that are VoIP-ready every day.
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Web Conferencing as a Skype 3.0 Extra

skype140.jpgConvenos announced it has delivered the Convenos Meeting Center Extra for Skype 3.0. With the Convenos Meeting Center Extra, users can now launch meetings directly from within Skype, easily displaying, sharing and editing files and documents in an online meeting with one or more users whenever they want. This means business users can also move seamlessly from a Skype chat or conversation directly into a collaborative web meeting via Convenos Meeting Center.

"This solution makes it even easier to collaborate with anyone online -- a few clicks in Skype, and you're instantly in a Convenos meeting with your Skype contacts," said Thomas Torf, Convenos CEO. "We're extremely excited to deliver this solution to Skype customers as an early participant in the Skype Developer Program, and we anticipate delivering additional offerings as a top Skype for Business partner."
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Jajah Provides Free Calls for Christmas

Jajah has had a great year and they are looking to celebrate by giving free calls on Christmas Day. All registered Jajah users will be able to make free calls, free conference calls, free scheduled calls and even send free text messages.*

Simply register between now and Christmas to join the Jajah community and call your friends and family for free.

*Terms and Conditions:
  • Applies to all Zone 1, 2, and 3 countries
  • Numbers called do not have to be JAJAH registered
  • Callers must be registered
  • Registration is cost and obligation free
  • Zone 3: tTo and from landline only (except text messages)
  • The free JAJAH lines are open 24 hours on Dec. 25th
All the more reason to call home for free and talk to your loved ones. Don't be left out in the cold as a holiday Scrooge.

Jajah has a short demo on their site show just how quick and simple their service is, so check it out and save on Christmas.

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Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile

skype140.jpgSkype has released its beta version of Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile. Skype also announced that the number of pocket devices supporting Skype now totals 120. Meaning anyone with high-speed access and one of these devices can now save on mobile or roaming costs by using VoIP instead.

Skype for Windows Mobile can be downloaded for free. Enhancements include a screen with presence status, event notification, and proxy support (missed calls, new chat messages and voicemails). Skype calling features include Skype-to-Skype calls, support for SkypeOut, SkypeIn, voicemail and call forwarding.

This version keeps a similar look and feel to PC-based Skype. Features include one-click Skype access, multi-person chat and an enhanced contact list.

You can download it now at the website.

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Interconnection to Telkom South Africa

Verso announced that VoxTelecom has expanded its Verso Clarent VoIP solution with an SS7 interconnect system.

The solution is combined with a session border controller for IP-based interconnection to existing Verso softswitching technology located with the incumbent fixed line operator as well as South African mobile operators.
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ViaTalk Delivers Christmas Present Early

ViaTalk is putting a little something extra under the Christmas Tree this year. As part of a special holiday promotion, new ViaTalk customers can get a free year of telephone service when they pay for the first year of service in advance.

“It seems too good to be true, but as a thank you to our new customers this holiday season we are giving away two years of our service for the price of one,” said Brendan Brader, CEO. “This is sure to be one of the best bargains this holiday season -- better phone service, unlimited long distance to make all your holiday calls, and at a fraction of the cost of what you are paying now.”
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Choose Your VoIP Service Whenever You Want

Zoom Technologies has reportedly begun shipping the Model 5800 Zoom VoIP Freedom, a nifty little analog telephone adapter (ATA) that lets a user choose which VoIP service they want to use based on their needs.

As the company so observantly points out, most VoIP providers tend to hold their customers hostage by furnishing hardware which only works with their service. Zoom’s new VoIP Freedom, though, lets them choose from up to 25 SIP-based providers using a Web-based chooser. Using the chooser (which allows for very quick and easy change in service provider) a user can choose VoIP services from providers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The chooser’s menus are available in several languages including English, Spanish, German and Vietnamese. Once a user selects a service, the Zoom VoIP Freedom device automatically configures itself for that service. Best of all, there is no charge for registration – and the device itself costs only $59.
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So You Want a VoIP Service? New 28-Page Booklet

Communications Alliance has published the ‘So you want a VoIP service?’ Customer Booklet designed to assist consumers and small businesses who are considering a VoIP service for their home or office.

The 28-page booklet was developed by Communications Alliance with substantial input from industry representatives on its VoIP Working Group and was launched at the organisation’s third annual VoIP Forum in Sydney.

The booklet takes readers through “The seven steps to VoIP” under the following chapter headings:
  • Why do you want a VoIP phone service?
  • Things to consider
  • Ensuring that your broadband is up to it
  • Deciding on a VoIP service provider
  • Connecting it all up
  • Using your VoIP service
  • Customer service and your rights
The media release of the launch of the ‘So you want a VoIP service?’ Customer Booklet can be found here.
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Skype $29.95 for a Year has a Nice Ring to it

skype140.jpgSkype is set to announce Wednesday a $29.95-a-year service offering unlimited calls to wireless and traditional landline phones. Or up until December 31st, 2007 if you sign up now at the promotional rate of $14.95. By doing so Skype hopes to mainstream phone services and challenge other VoIP providers that can cost you anywhere from $300-$400 per year.

Currently, Skype users had to prepay for credits to make such calls.

"Consumers like to pay on a subscription basis," says Don Albert, Skype's general manager for North America. "Now, our consumers have the option to do either one."

The good news, he says: "Either way you go, it's cheap."

This new offer is limited to residents in the USA and Canada, and the calls have to originate and terminate in those two countries.

Users can still make PC-to-PC calls free of charge and have the option to pay per call for PC-to-Phones. The charge is about 2.1 cents a minute in the two countries and higher elsewhere.

With things just starting to heat up for VoIP some predict by 2011 26 million U.S. households will use some sort of VoIP, up from 6.5 million today.

To help sweeten its new plan Skype is offering people who sign up by Jan. 31 will get a 50% discount on the annual fee, to $14.95. They'll also get about 100 minutes of free international calls and $50 in coupons for Skype gear, such as a Motorola headset.

Users who are already registered with Skype can subscribe to this deal at Others will have to download the required Skype software and then sign up.

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Netgear's Skype Wi-Fi Phone Review

Great review by Arik Hesseldahl over at entitled, "Netgear's Phone in the Rough." I enjoyed reading his article because, it's nice to hear personal opinion about the latest VoIP gadgets on the market.

His review of the NETGEAR SPH101 Skype Wi-Fi phone is a good one. He begins with his skepticism of internet calling services and asks himself, "What exactly, aside from cost, is so wrong with either conventional land-line phones or wireless phones that we really need a third option—especially one that typically has to go through a personal computer." However after watching the popularity of Skype and The Gizmo Project take off he seems to warm to the idea of VoIP. Throughout the article he talks about the Netgear's phone complex setup, password bugs, and sound quality from both stateside to dialing Hong Kong.

You'll just have to read his article to see for yourself.

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China VoIP Adds 30 New Retail Telephone Cafés

China VoIP & Digital Telecom announced it has added 30 new retail telephone calling facilities or “telephone cafés” in and around Shandong Province. This brings to 50 the total number of facilities the Company currently has in operation. Similar to “Internet cafés” these retail telephone calling facilities are a growing trend in China. They are extremely popular with rural citizens who are flocking to the cities in search of job opportunities.

“With our economy growing at such a rapid pace, more and more Chinese people from rural towns and provinces are migrating to the more popular cities in search of employment and a better way of life,” said Li Kunwu, President and CEO of China VoIP & Digital Telecom Inc. “These “telephone cafés” provide an ideal place for them to economically make long-distance calls to their families in a quiet, friendly atmosphere.”
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AT&T Raises the Bar for Customer Satisfaction

AT&T has set a new world record in customer satisfaction, according to a report published today by Telemark. Beating off fierce competition from global rivals, such as Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, Orange Business Services, Telefonica and last year's victor, BT, AT&T has successfully raised the bar to become the global data VPN provider deemed most indispensable to customers.

The report, "DataVPN, Raising the Bar" measures customer satisfaction with data VPN services supplied by global operators. The world record is defined as the best-ever annual satisfaction score achieved by a global provider in Telemark's survey of business enterprises. It aims to highlight which suppliers are raising the bar to new levels on a world level.
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Buzz Technologies gets Thai Military Contract

Buzz Technologies is pleased to announce it has successfully won a contract with the Thai Military to supply and install Wifi and Wimax systems to the Thai Military Lanna Center, Chiang Mai, Army Unit 33, The Third Army Region. The agreement is a part of an extensive program to test various Buzz Technologies products and services.

Sutida Suwunnavid said "we are all delighted to have the Royal Thai Military as a client and look to develop this and other Government Contracts in the future."
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