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WebPhoneWebPhone, a provider of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, was founded in 2002. WebPhone provides PC2Phone calling service using a worldwide VoIP network. The company is based in Portugal and recently opened sales and customer service offices in the United States of America.

How Does WebPhone Work? WebPhone routes a call from your computer over the Internet and terminates the call on a standard telephone using state of the art VoIP technology. The result is high-quality VoIP calls to any phone in the world. By routing the calls over the Internet, WebPhone incurs lower costs than a standard telephone company and is able to pass the cost savings along to you, . The WebPhone service features an online account center for all of your account management needs and an easy-to-use software program, which is free to download.

Website: WebPhone.com
Email: feedback@WebPhone.com

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