Free Conference Calling for Windows Live Messenger by Vapps

Vapps announces an alliance with Windows Live Messenger to offer free conference calling services to the 255 million users of Windows Live Messenger through a convenient activity.

Windows Live Messenger, the next version of MSN Messenger, is the world's largest easy-to-use consumer instant messaging service that allows people to connect with others in real time, expressing themselves in a rich, convenient and fun way. Users of the conference calling plug-in will be supplied with a conference bridge number as well as participant codes for use by up to 500 participants simultaneously. A variety of services will be available through the conferencing activity including, standard call management (volume control, muting, participant announcing, conference locking and recording) along with sophisticated moderator features for Web-based on-demand call control.
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Nimbuzz Goes Live With Mobile Calls

Nimbuzz launches its voice enabled mobile and PC clients, designed to support more than 500 mobile phone models and Windows XP/2000 for the PC client. Additionally, Nimbuzz is now also made available for all Internet capable mobile phones where users cannot or will not download software to their phones. Instead they simply use their mobile browser.

Nimbuzz is free to download. No monthly charges. No credits needed. Nimbuzz users just pay the lowest local rate to their mobile operator. The mobile service is available in 35 countries.

Nimbuzz is now mobile connected to Google Talk and MSN / Windows Live Messenger for Chat and Voice. This means that mobile Nimbuzz users can call their buddies on these communities on their PC against their cheapest local rate. They Chat with them on their mobile for free.

With Nimbuzz you can also make international calls from your mobile to other mobile phones at the cheapest local rate. The only condition is that both phones have the Nimbuzz software installed. Nimbuzz eliminates the high roaming tariffs operators are charging
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MSN Messenger Integrated with Service has integrated with Microsoft MSN Messenger using gtalk2voip services.

DIDX is the DID exchange of choice for 3250+ telecoms from 200+ countries. DIDX began with 100 members in August 2005. One of the most disruptive, practical VoIP services in the 21st century, DIDX is created and maintained by Super Technologies, Inc.

The MSN interconnection makes Super Technologies the first company in the world to offer phone lines on Microsoft MSN Messenger and the opportunity to empower more individuals and industry than ever with DID from Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe.
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Orange Cellphones Gain Access to Windows Live Messenger

"Orange and Microsoft have struck a deal under which Orange's 135 million European cellphone customers will be able to exchange instant messages with the 240 million Windows Live Messenger IM users around the world."

The service is accessible from either an Orange mobile or PC and provides customers with all of Oranges portal services. These services include: email, blog, ring tones, logos and access to the Windows Live services. The Orange PC application also provides PC-to-PC free VoIP calls, video calls and send SMS.
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New VoIP Handsets for Skype and MSN Messenger

You can read more here how Philips Electronics is teaming with Skype and Microsoft Corp. to present two new Internet telephony phones, the Skype VOIP321 (pictured) and Windows Live Messenger VOIP433.

The devices were shown first time during the CES 2006 in Las Vegas, and showcased again during the Philips’ 2006 CE Line Show/Holidays.

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Microsoft and MCI Join to Provide Consumer PC-to-Phone Calling

Here is the official press release of the Microsoft and MCI joining to provide Windows Live Messenger with PC-to-Phone calling.

Microsoft Corp. and MCI Inc. announced a global, multiyear partnership to provide software and services that enable customers to place calls from a personal computer to virtually any phone. The solution, MCI Web Calling for Windows Live Call, will be available through Windows Live Messenger, the upcoming successor to MSN Messenger, which has more than 185 million active accounts around the world. The solution combines Windows Live software, advanced voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities and the strengths of MCI's expansive global network to give consumers an easy-to-use, convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected.
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Windows Live Messenger Beta Anticipated this Week

I'm excited to hear Microsoft Corp. is expected to make Windows Live Messenger instant-messaging service available to beta testers this week. Testers report that invitations were sent out from Microsoft for the selected beta testers. It has been said Microsoft will be including additional VoIP capabilities in the first Windows Live Messenger release. Sources report Windows Live Messenger users will have the capability to place calls both domestic and internationally from PC-to-Telephone with incredibly low rates. Microsoft will deliver this in conjunction with MCI Inc. sources said, "MCI will then sell users blocks of VoIP time".
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Microsoft Makes Ripples with Acquisition of Teleo

Microsoft Corp. announced it has acquired Teleo Inc., a provider of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) software and services that enable the placement of phone calls from PCs to traditional phones and that deliver this technology in unique ways through a variety of software and Web applications. Microsoft expects to combine the technology and expertise of Teleo with the existing VoIP investments of MSN to further develop products and services that connect consumers to the people and information that most matter to them. Financial details were not disclosed.
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