engin Goes ''Unlimited'' with New VoIP Plan for Residential Users

engin_logo.gifengin has released another industry-best deal for residential users who want to significantly cut the cost of their monthly phone bills. The engin Unlimited Plan allows users to make unlimited calls to mobile, local, national and 15 international destinations for just $39.90 per month. International destinations include landlines in the UK, US, China, India, NZ, Vietnam, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Philippines and South Africa.
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engin and Samsung Offer SMBs Major Savings on Phone Systems and Call Plans

engin_logo.gifengin and Samsung Communications have combined expertise to bring the latest telecommunications systems to Australia’s small to medium businesses. Using VoIP technology, SMEs can benefit from very low call plans from engin and fully featured phone systems from Samsung.

The deal bundles Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 series IP PBX range with engin’s VoIP call delivery. During May, SMEs can save up to $2000 in upfront costs while confidently making the move to VoIP and ensuring the long term cost savings of proven VoIP telephony.
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Australian VoIP Company engin Now Offering Discount on oneHub Package

Australian VoIP company,engin is offering another industry best deal with a 45% discount on its oneHub package. This special promotional offer of only $79 on a 12 month plan is available until 31 January 2010. oneHub is engin’s all-in-one device that allows customers to use VoIP and regular landline services through the same handset. The oneHub package provides fully integrated:
  • VoIP compatible cordless phone
  • IP voice box
  • ADSL2+ modem
  • Wireless network
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ShoreTel and Telstra Join to Expand IP Telephony in Australia

ShoreTel plans to expand the availability of reliable, cost-effective IP technologies to businesses in Australia by joining the Telstra Business System customer program through its relationship with Aria Technologies, a national distributor for ShoreTel in Australia.
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BroadSoft Helps Drive VoIP in Australia, iiNET Surpasses 100,000 Customers

broadsoft_logo.jpgBroadSoft announces that iiNet Limited now supports more than 100,000 residential VoIP customers. iiNet's iiTalk VoIP service is powered by the BroadWorks VoIP application platform. While residential VoIP adoption rates have been low in Australia compared to other countries, a 2009 Convergence and Communications report by the Australia Communications and Media Authority indicates a changing trend. With over three quarters of Australian households connected to the Internet and a growing awareness of VoIP, broadband telephony is positioned for growth.
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3CX Opens Australian Office to Serve IP PBX Software Market

3cx_logo.jpg3CX has opened an office in Australia. The Australian presence will play a key role in the expansion of the company’s partner network in the area, as well as, help support Australian-based users of 3CX VoIP Phone System.

3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces the traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is based on the SIP standard, and therefore interoperates with most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways and VoIP providers. It allows businesses to completely break free from the restrictions of costly hardware-based proprietary phone systems and is very easy to manage by system administrators as it integrates well with Windows Network infrastructure.
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Internode Launches Second-Generation VoIP Service

Acme Packet announced that Australian broadband provider Internode has deployed Acme Packet’s Net-Net session border controllers to support its recently launched NodePhone2 VoIP service. NodePhone2 is Internode’s second generation VoIP service for business and residential customers throughout Australia. Acme Packet’s SBCs are deployed along with BroadSoft BroadWorks, a VoIP application software platform, as a BroadSoft Premier Access Solution that streamlined the planning and delivery process for Internode’s new service.

Internode’s NodePhone2 launch comes 18 months after the kick-off of its Public Switched Telephone Network outbound-only NodePhone1 service. With NodePhone2, subscribers can now both receive and make calls over the PSTN as well as over Internode’s IP network to other NodePhone2 subscribers. All NodePhone calls are transported on Internode’s fully redundant, private IP national network, which is used by more than 100,000 customers throughout Australia.
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Verizon Business Expands VoIP Portfolio in Australia

vblogowhite.gifVerizon Business has expanded availability of its VoIP portfolio to the Australian market, offering Verizon IP Integrated Access and Verizon Hosted IP Centrex to customers in six Australian cities. Verizon Business customers in Australia can now benefit from the advanced functionality offered by Verizon VoIP, as well as realise cost efficiencies from transitioning their voice and data services to a single IP platform.

The Verizon VoIP portfolio integrates network and customer premises equipment into a single platform, offering businesses a simple, efficient way to transition their voice and data services to IP technology at their own pace and irrespective of their stage of IP implementation. The ability to simply transition voice and data communications onto a converged IP platform is key for organisations wishing to implement next-generation communications to meet their business objectives.
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So You Want a VoIP Service? New 28-Page Booklet

Communications Alliance has published the ‘So you want a VoIP service?’ Customer Booklet designed to assist consumers and small businesses who are considering a VoIP service for their home or office.

The 28-page booklet was developed by Communications Alliance with substantial input from industry representatives on its VoIP Working Group and was launched at the organisation’s third annual VoIP Forum in Sydney.

The booklet takes readers through “The seven steps to VoIP” under the following chapter headings:
  • Why do you want a VoIP phone service?
  • Things to consider
  • Ensuring that your broadband is up to it
  • Deciding on a VoIP service provider
  • Connecting it all up
  • Using your VoIP service
  • Customer service and your rights
The media release of the launch of the ‘So you want a VoIP service?’ Customer Booklet can be found here.
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Virtually a Local Office Presence - on a Global Scale

Internet Telco Combined Technology has launched an affordable Virtual PABX call management system as a hosted "Global Office" - with no PABX equipment to purchase or install.

Combined Technology's Virtual PABX Global Office means telephone extensions can be connected in-house, or to offices or telephone numbers anywhere in the world. Subscribers simply sign up for the service on-line and provide their voice scripts and multi-level extension menus for programming and activation.
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VoIP SIP Softphone in Australian Market

CounterPath Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of VoIP (Voice over IP) and Video over IP SIP softphones, announced a licensing agreement with Primus Telecom Australia, part of the Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc., to deliver the Primus Internet Phone as part of its TalkBroadband product range.

The Primus Internet Phone enables users to be up and running in a few minutes, allowing them to use the TalkBroadband service on their computer and to start enjoying savings on local, long distance and international calling.
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All-in-One Integrated Voice Gateway

NETGEAR, Inc., a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products, announced the first worldwide availability of the Integrated ADSL2+ Modem and Wireless Router with Voice (DG834GV). Six products in one, it combines an ADSL2+ Modem, Router, 10/100 Wired LAN Switch, 802.11g Wireless Access Point, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), and SPI Double Firewall -- offering greater simplicity for home and business networking. The Integrated Gateway is available now in Australia through engin with future rollout in other geographies through NETGEAR broadband service provider partners.
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Torokina Networks has launched a Free VoIP Readiness Assessment

VoIP within the enterprise is increasingly being considered for the significant benefits that can be obtained, however few organisations really understand their technical environment to the point where a successful rollout of VoIP can be assured.

Torokina Networks, a market leader in network management systems and VoIP management solutions aims to change that. "As an independent expert in network management systems, we are not a provider of IP telephony or VoIP" said Peter von Dietze, Head of sales at Torokina. "As such we can offer an unbiased opinion on the readiness of a clients network and associated IT environment for a VoIP implementation, prior to actual roll out"
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Australian Service Provider Rolls Out Residential VoIP

Acme Packet, the leader in session border control solutions, announced that Primus Telecom in Australia has deployed Acme Packet's Net-Net session border controllers (SBCs) to support its new residential broadband Voice over IP (VoIP) service. Launched in March 2006, TalkBroadband is a SIP-based VoIP residential service offering modeled on Primus' US parent's established VoIP service, Lingo.
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Australian First Mobile Phone Activated VoIP Telephony Service

VoXaLot Communications released a new Mobile phone activated VoIP telephony service where you control the cost. No VoIP equipment or headsets required.

Initiate calls between any two phones, anywhere in the world using your mobile phones browser and pay VoIP rates for the call. No restrictions -- either end can be a land line, mobile or VoIP phone. Subscribers control the cost of the call by choosing their own providers -- there is no lock-in to the service provider. Even choose two different providers for each leg of the call. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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