VoX Communications Adds Low Cost Fixed Price Calling Plans To Vietnam And Pakistan Mobile Callers Using Its Android Mobile VoIP App

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has now added fixed priced calling plans to Vietnam and Pakistan via its Android mobile voice app available in Google Play. The fixed priced plans include calling to mobile phones in both Vietnam and Pakistan at a price of only seven cents a minute, which is significantly lower than prices charged by other wireless carriers.

A VoX user can subscribe entirely on the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, which makes the sign up process more elegant than many competitors. The Mobile VoIP paid plans for Vietnam and Pakistan start at $6.95 for the 100 minute plan, which is a low cost of entry for a high quality and reliable VoIP service offering. VoX also offers 250 minutes for $15.95 and 500 minutes for $29.95. These plans include calls to mobile phones, which are typically a higher price than calls to land lines. New subscribers can download the app for a free 60-minute trial and make calls to any country on the unlimited calling list or sign up for the Vietnam or Pakistan specific plan.
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Japan Communications Integrated SoliCall in Its VoIP Network

solicall-logo.pngSoliCall announces that Japan Communications has integrated SoliCall’s PBXMate for improving audio quality in its VoIP Network. Japan Communications is one of the major data MVNOs in Japan, offering 3G cellular wireless data communication services in Japan and the US. One of its value adds is VoIP over 3G combined with unique pricing structure and imported smartphone devices. JCI is using a home grown VoIP application focused on smaller bandwidth requirements. It runs on mobile devices and PCs.

SoliCall has developed products for audio quality improvement that can be used both for server-side/network filtering and client-side filtering. SoliCall offers both OEM products and stand-alone plug-and-play products.
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FRITT Licenses SPIRIT DSP's Engines for Cross-platform HD Voice and Videoconferencing

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces FRITT has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Conferencing product, comprising of SPIRIT's cross-platform, HD voice and videoconferencing engines, including the TeamSpirit Conferencing Server, TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine PC and TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile clients for iOS and Android.

FRITT was established in 1957 and has successfully developed a set of advanced communication products and won 120 major scientific and technological achievements for China's telecommunications industry.

FRITT will be using the TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine platform running on both server and client sides, allowing FRITT's emergency management customers the unique ability to conduct HD-quality, multi-point voice and videoconferencing across popular PC and mobile devices.
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Verizon Expands VoIP Services in Asia-Pacific

verizonvoicewing.gifVerizon has expanded its VoIP service within the Asia-Pacific region, enabling multinational companies in key commercial hubs across the region to take advantage of a wide range of the latest unified communications and collaboration applications to help increase productivity and efficiency.

By leveraging Verizon's expansive global IP network and feature-rich architecture, the VoIP solution offers customers in Australia, Hong Kong, India and Singapore access to applications including social networking, video chats, mobile-device support, instant messaging and presence.

Verizon is also adding intercompany high-definition voice and video capabilities for select VoIP customers that use the service's popular VIPER feature. This is a cloud-based IP-to-IP routing option that eliminates additional per minute domestic and international charges on calls between VIPER-enabled locations customers.
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SPIRIT DSP Boosts HD VoIP and Video in South Korea

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgLG U+ has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile to power HD-quality VoIP and video-calling on mobile devices.

South Korea has one of the world's most vibrant IP Communications markets in the world backed by strong support from the government. A dedicated area zone for VoIP telephone numbers was introduced several years ago, followed by a number portability options that made it possible for people to move to VoIP-calling without changing their phone number. A wide mobile VoIP adoption thanks to a great wireless broadband infrastructure, new smartphones from Korean handset OEM giants and high smartphone adoption rates were recently reported by the Korea Communications Commission. In just 18 months, the number of smartphone subscribers in South Korea has exploded more than ten-fold to top 10 million (or around a fifth of the population) stimulating local carriers to deploy their own mobile VVoIP services to retain their customers from migrating to Skype and Google mobile voice and video services.
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Korea Telecom Licenses SPIRIT DSP's Mobile VoIP Engine

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces that Korean Telecom giant KT has licensed the company's TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile, an SDK that enables HD VoIP calling on a broad range mobile devices. KT is S. Korea's top fixed-lined operator and the No. 2 mobile carrier in the region.

Internet telephony is Korea's prominent daily communications medium. The VoIP rates are 80 percent cheaper for intercity calls, 20 percent lower for calls to mobile phones and 95 percent cheaper for international calls. According to the Korean Communications Commission, the number of paid Internet telephony subscribers broke the 10 million mark this year.
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Voiceserve to Present at CommunicAsia2011 Conference

voiceserve_logo.jpgVoiceserve will be presenting its industry leading, comprehensive VoIP software and solutions platform this month at the CommunicAsia2011 International Communications & Information Technology Exhibition and Conference from June 21-24 in Singapore.

CommunicAsia2011 is Asia's largest ICT based event. Last year's event attracted over 38,000 industry professionals from over 10 Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, Indonesia and Korea, and provided 37 buyer-groups with 1,300 exhibitors. CommunicAsia2011 will feature emerging technologies, such as the latest innovations in VoIP and the latest advancements in Video-on-Demand.
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Report: The Taiwanese Enterprise VoIP Equipment Industry, 1Q 2011

research_and_markets.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Taiwanese Enterprise VoIP Equipment Industry, 1Q 2011" report to their offering.

This research report presents shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese enterprise VoIP equipment industry. The report includes IP phone and VoIP gateway shipment volume, shipment value and ASP, as well as shipment volume and share by maker, solution provider, production location, shipment destination, business type, and customer portfolio. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with enterprise VoIP makers. The report finds that in the fourth quarter of 2010, Taiwanese IP phone shipment volume and value saw double-digit year-on-year growth while Taiwanese enterprise VoIP gateway shipment volume and value saw year-on-year declines. Taiwanese IP phone and enterprise VoIP gateway shipment volume is expected to grow upwards steadily and record year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2011. Overall shipment value of the Taiwanese enterprise VoIP equipment industry is also projected to experience year-on-year growth in full-year 2011.
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Globe Telecom Chooses JAJAH to Provide Global Calling Solutions

jajah_logo2.jpgJAJAH and Globe Telecom announce a partnership to deliver retail VOIP services to Filipinos abroad.

The new services will be built on the JAJAH IP Communications Platform, which enables operators, internet companies and other brands to roll out and manage cutting edge calling services. Globe Telecom is the latest major operator to partner with JAJAH since its acquisition by Telefónica Europe in early 2010.

With an estimated 10 million Filipinos living outside the Philippines, Globe Telecom has chosen JAJAH to deliver retail VOIP services aimed at letting overseas Filipinos call home simply and affordably, using their regular phone through a registration-based service offering.
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SK Telink Extends Acme Packet Deployment for Debut of IP International Calling

acme_packet_logo.jpgAcme Packet announce that South Korean competitive service provider SK Telink has deployed Acme Packet’s Net-Net 4500 session border controllers for use in their SK 00700 international calling and SK Speed 070 IP telephony services. The Net-Net 4500s are located at SK Telink’s access and interconnect borders and supplement existing Acme Packet SBCs that support SK Telink’s IP Centrex service.

SK Telink, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, is one of the leading operators in South Korea offering international calling services. They also offer retail VoIP services to South Korean companies and outsourced data center services for smaller IP telephony service providers. SK Telink currently services hundreds of thousands subscribers who generate hundreds of thousands calls per day from corporate VoIP endpoints.
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Acme Packet Powers Expansion of Super Broadband Networks’ Hosted VoIP Service

acme_packet_logo.jpgAcme Packet announces that Thailand’s Super Broadband Network has deployed additional Acme Packet Net-Net session border controllers as part of an expansion of its popular DataTalk service. DataTalk is a hosted VoIP service that enables local, international and private branch interconnect calling via SIP trunks connected to SBN via its leased and broadband access network. Acme Packet’s SBCs are used at SBN’s access and interconnect borders to deliver high quality of service, secure SBN’s service infrastructure and extend its services to a wide variety of enterprises and consumer subscribers.
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Cordia Signs Agreement for Wireless Local Landlines in the Philippines

cordia_logo.jpgCordia has entered into an agreement with Bayan Telecommunications to resell Bayan’s wireless landline services throughout the Philippines. This allows Cordia to private label a whole new set of services under the Cordia WiLL brand – combining the freedom of a mobile phone along with all the cost benefits of VoIP service. Cordia expects to launch the new suite of services during this quarter.
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Report: Demand Up, Prices Down for Carrier VoIP and IMS Equipment, Led by China

Market research firm Infonetics Research released its third quarter (3Q10) Service Provider VoIP Equipment and Subscribers and IMS Equipment and Subscribers market share and forecast reports.


"The number-one story that will come out of 2010 for the IMS and carrier VoIP equipment markets is China, where conditions are driving volumes up and pushing prices down. There are large network transformation projects underway in China, so demand for equipment is very strong, but at the same time, vendors are willing to push the pricing limits to get into strategic accounts. In the third quarter of 2010, every product category except media servers was impacted by pricing pressures, so while shipments were up for most segments, total worldwide revenue took a hit. Looking at the long-term prospects, the network elements that are best poised for solid growth are those that facilitate the migration to all-IP networks, such as session border controllers," notes Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics Research.
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NTT Com to Launch VoIP Service for Global Internal Dialing

NTT Communications announces on November 4 that it will become Japan's first telecom carrier to offer multinational customers a VoIP service for internal dialing between global offices, including Japan, beginning December 1. Plans to launch other new IP communications services also were announced.

NTT Com's new service will enable customers to establish high-quality global-scale internal dialing networks on a quick, low-cost basis using IP technologies. Making calls will be as simple as dialing the base office's extension and then the receiver's extension.
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SPIRIT’s Voice and Video Software Platforms Unify China Mobile’s On-line and Mobile Communities

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces that its TeamSpirit platform is now powering the latest release of Fetion – a unified, cross-network communication IM service that seamlessly connects Internet and mobile subscribers of China Mobile. Fetion has been developed by ASPire Technologies, a subsidiary of China Mobile, the world's largest mobile operator with more than 560 million subscribers and ranked in the 2009 Fortune Global 500 list. The service is immediately available to China Mobile's subscribers.
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