ViaTalk Connects Kids With Santa This Holiday Season

ViaTalk is allowing children across the country to connect to Santa free of charge this holiday season via telephone, and directly deliver their Christmas wish list to the big guy and his helpers at the north pole (that's you mom and dad!). Additionally, one lucky child will be selected at random to have their wish list granted for free courtesy of ViaTalk, a $300 in value!
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VoIP Provider ViaTalk Gets Booted from BBB, Contributes $20,000 to Robotics Team

viatalk.gifVoIP Provider ViaTalk has been removed from the Better Business Bureau for a high volume of complaints. Brendan Brader CEO of ViaTalk claims, "The expulsion was due to the influx of customers after SunRocket went belly up." From a post on dslreports forums Brader states, "We've been working with the Better Business bureau since the beginning of ViaTalk, but our membership was revoked recently due to the number of complaints placed against us during the fallout after the demise of Sunrocket. All of the complaints were easily resolved, and we kept in close contact with our contact at the BBB to track and respond to the complaints as they came in. Unfortunately, we're told that the BBB Membership standards include a limitation of the actual volume of complaints over a given time regardless of our proof of resolution. It's a tough penalty, considering the situation and the efforts we made to keep things on the up and up.

Brader insists that the company stayed in close contact with the BBB and tried to resolve customer complaints, but complaint volume, regardless of resolution, resulted in expulsion. The BBB says the expulsion was a result of "unanswered or unresolved complaints, and/or excessive and high volume complaints."

ViaTalk Founders Contribute $20,000 more to the US FIRST Robotics Team at Shenendehowa High School
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ViaTalk Increases Staff by 100% in Past 2 Months

ViaTalk resists the trends in the telephony industry when it comes to customer service. While many companies have opted for the convenience and lower costs of outsourcing their customer service departments to foreign countries, ViaTalk maintains its customer call center entirely in the United States.

The customer call center is located in ViaTalk’s headquarters in the upstate New York suburb of Clifton Park. Just about 15 miles north of Albany, ViaTalk is located in the heart of New York’s Tech Valley. CEO Brendan Brader has been recognized as one of the most influential business leaders in the region’s technological endeavors and he credits ViaTalk’s continued commitment to customer service as the foundation for his company’s success.
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ViaTalk CEO Discusses SunRocket Customer Influx

ViaTalk CEO Brendan Brader has been answering user questions in the forums on how his company is dealing with the influx of SunRocket customers.

"We've more than doubled our staff size to date, however getting these new people to the point where then actually serve a purpose above and beyond being a warm body to talk to takes a bit of time. The results of these new hires should start showing soon. -- We have had people on the phones literally all day working on securing more equipment. We have shipments arriving daily, and many thousands of units en route currently. Due to the shortage we've actually had to start periodically ordering equipment a step up from the PAP2's to keep the flow going."

It's nice to see a CEO stepping up and helping shed light on problems or questions customers could be having. So check it out your questions might have already been answered.

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ViaTalk Successfully Porting Thousands of SunRocket Subscribers

ViaTalk announces that they are successfully porting thousands of former SunRocket subscribers in the wake of that company's abrupt decision to close its doors.

"In the past 48 hours our U.S.-based customer service team has signed up thousands of SunRocket subscribers and has answered thousands of inquiries on the phone and via our online Live Sales Chat," said Brendan Brader, ViaTalk CEO. "In order to meet the needs of these stranded customers, we have substantially increased our network capacity and have increased our call center staffing. Also, to assist former SunRocket customers, we are currently offering a contract buyout in the form of six months of service credit as well as free ground shipping of equipment."

In order to handle the flood of calls that have come into ViaTalk's call center, Brader said he immediately shifted employees from ViaTalk's sister company,, which has offices in the same corporate park. ViaTalk has plans to add more staff to meet the increased demand and their goals to continue to shorten customer service wait times.
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ViaTalk Provides Free Local & Long Distance Phone Calls

ViaTalk is pleased to announce the launch of ViaTalk Free Connect, an easy to use, innovative phone system that allows anyone with access to a traditional phone to make a free 10 minute phone call anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

"It's no longer accurate to say nothing in life is free. These calls, including long distance, are literally free," said ViaTalk CEO Brendan Brader. "In fact, we are inviting people to make as many phone calls as they would like, on us."

There is no sign-up required, users simply go to and enter their phone number, then the phone number they wish to call. Once they have done that, they wait just a few seconds for a call to their phone line. As they answer that call, the service then dials the number they are trying to reach. Since the call is through ViaTalk Free Connect, no charges apply to the user's phone line.
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ViaTalk Offers VoIP Reseller through VT White

Internet Phone ServiceViaTalk an industry leader in internet phone service announced the official unveiling of the VT White Private Label Reseller at ISPCON, an internet industry trade show and conference known for launching new internet products and innovations. VT White is aimed at internet service providers, web hosting companies, and other technology service providers that want to enter the rapidly growing VoIP market.

Existing companies and ambitious entrepreneurs alike can benefit from VT White, which will provide state-of-the-art internet phone service, a 24-hour support team based solely in the United States, and a wide variety of advanced features as well as Enhanced 911 service. ViaTalk will provide VT White companies with a branded webpage that is customizable, and seamless customer support through Live Chat and a toll free support line.
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ViaTalk CEO Named to the ''40 Under Forty'' List

viatalk.gifBrendan Brader, CEO of two leading technology companies located in the heart of New York State’s Tech Valley, has been named to the “40 Under Forty” list of emerging business leaders by The Business Review.

In 1999, Brader and his longtime friend John Reyes, founded, at the age of 19. has grown into a debt-free multi-million dollar company offering RocketFreedom shared web hosting for as low as $4.95 per month, RocketOrbit reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting for as low as $99.95 per month. is known throughout the web hosting industry for its around-the-clock customer service and incredible technical support. In 2007 the company reached an important milestone of hosting over 100,000 websites.’s servers are located on-site at their corporate offices.
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