Skype and Google Users Get Free Mobile Calls

barablu_logo.gifFree mobile calls platform barablu is giving Skype and Google Talk users the chance to make free calls from a mobile.

barablu has perfected the technology enabling contacts from Skype and Google Talk to be transferred to a Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone.

This breakthrough means users of Skype and Google Talk can utilise the barablu service and call anyone from their contacts list without being tied to their PC. They not only gain free calls, but free texts and voice mail.

Free phone calls using the Internet is rapidly attracting a growing number of converts. This demand has up to now been driven by the likes of Skype and there are 171 million registered users worldwide. barablu takes the development into the next generation.

With barablu they not only gain free calls, but free texts and voice mail from a Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone.
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Nimbuzz Goes Live With Mobile Calls

Nimbuzz launches its voice enabled mobile and PC clients, designed to support more than 500 mobile phone models and Windows XP/2000 for the PC client. Additionally, Nimbuzz is now also made available for all Internet capable mobile phones where users cannot or will not download software to their phones. Instead they simply use their mobile browser.

Nimbuzz is free to download. No monthly charges. No credits needed. Nimbuzz users just pay the lowest local rate to their mobile operator. The mobile service is available in 35 countries.

Nimbuzz is now mobile connected to Google Talk and MSN / Windows Live Messenger for Chat and Voice. This means that mobile Nimbuzz users can call their buddies on these communities on their PC against their cheapest local rate. They Chat with them on their mobile for free.

With Nimbuzz you can also make international calls from your mobile to other mobile phones at the cheapest local rate. The only condition is that both phones have the Nimbuzz software installed. Nimbuzz eliminates the high roaming tariffs operators are charging
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Use Google Talk Away from Your Computer

Camrivox, a developer of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) equipment, has announced that it has added support for Google Talk to its range of Flexor IP phones and telephony adapters.

The Flexor products allow users to register a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) account and a Google Talk account simultaneously on the same VoIP device. This means that they can make or receive calls either via Google Talk or with any other SIP-compatible VoIP phone or conventional phone.

"We believe that Camrivox is the first company to add this capability, and our Flexor range is therefore the first devices that enables Google Talk to be used without a PC," said David Moorhouse, VP of Marketing at Camrivox.
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VoIP Service for GoogleTalk Users

Splinternet Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Splinternet Holdings, Inc., announced that it has launched a service which enables users of the GoogleTalk instant messaging service to communicate with anyone, anywhere via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). By inviting Splinternet to be their "buddy," GoogleTalk users can initiate a voice conversation to any telephone worldwide.
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EQO Mobile Delivers Mobile VoIP

EQO Communications, a leading developer of platforms for mobilizing online social networks, VoIP and instant messaging services, announced the immediate availability a new version of EQO Mobile, extending the most popular instant messenger services - including AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Skype - to mobile phones. With EQO, users can access all of their IM services from their phone and exchange free text and picture messages with other EQO users. Supported on more than 300 mobile handset models, the latest version of EQO Mobile is an easily installed Java mobile application that downloads over the wireless data network.
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Google, Skype and FON?

Google and Skype to invest in FON. Fon is projected to receive a total of $22 million in financing to continue working on an open source Wi-Fi network. Allowing customers the ability to join a network of hotspots and share wireless signals with other users.
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Google Talk Meets IMConferencing Allowing More Features

LiveOffice Corp. today announced upcoming plans to integrate its IMConferencing. web conferencing system with Google Talk.

IMConferencing's latest interoperability capability will allow Google Talk users to instantly connect to IMConferencing's powerful web, audio and video conferencing platform, making it easy for users to launch full-featured online meetings and collaboration sessions to one or several participants. Only the host of the IMConferencing session needs to be a registered user, which gives participants even quicker access to the collaboration session because they do not have to pre-register with IMConferencing in order to use the service.

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