OnSIP Introduces Phone Certification Program to Recognize Exceptional VoIP Products

OnSIP modern bannerOnSIP announces a phone certification program that will recommend desk phones and soft phone applications that are verified to work with OnSIP’s popular hosted PBX phone service. By partnering with OnSIP, phone manufacturers and developers are able to guarantee reliable SIP phones to their customers. Phones will pass several use cases in a rigorous multi-point interoperability test prior to being OnSIP-certified.

The partnership will improve the reach of both phone manufacturers and OnSIP through joint promotional efforts. Certified phone manufacturers will be prominently featured on the OnSIP website.

Manufacturers and developers who are interested in having their phones OnSIP-certified can download and complete the application found at http://www.onsip.com/certification-program. Participating in the program is free, and certified phones are pushed higher in the queue for the company’s growing phone review program.

OnSIP’s hosted VoIP service for business works with a wide variety of VoIP phones available on the market and does not limit the end user to any model or brand. Dozens of reviews of phones are already available online. The certification program goes one step further and recognizes phones that perform exceptionally with OnSIP’s service.

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