snom Partners with SIP Print to Provide Interoperable and Integrated SIP Call Recording Capabilities

snom_logo.jpgsnom has forged a new technology partnership with SIP Print, a maker of SIP-based call recording, accounting and management software. After a battery of tests, SIP Print’s call recording platform has been approved as interoperable with snom’s portfolio of desktop phones and IP PBXs, including the snom ONE plus IP PBX appliance.

With both companies well-entrenched in the small and medium-sized business space, the partnership offers smaller companies and organizations an enterprise-class solution for call recording and accounting in a package designed specifically for SMBs. For organizations either required to track and record calls for compliance reasons, such as emergency call centers or small financial or legal institutions, or interested in call recording for internal business intelligence purposes, the snom-SIP Print combination provides an easily installed and managed, end-to-end solution with minimal capital investment.

Based on standards-based SIP technology, the snom ONE IP PBX is a versatile VoIP communications platform for SMBs with five to 150 extensions or more. The snom ONE offers all the functionality available with VoIP telephony, including call waiting, call forwarding, centralized address book, conferencing and simultaneous ringing of cell phones and desktop phones. In addition, it offers advanced features such as PSTN or SIP trunk connectivity, shared line emulation, hot desking and presence features. The snom ONE plus allows businesses to put all of the features and functionality of the snom ONE IP PBX in an on-premise hardware solution.

With snom’s suite of award-winning desktop phones and endpoints, such as the snom 3xx series desktop phone, the full-color touchscreen snom 870, the snom m9 wireless DECT phone and related endpoints, such as the MeetingPoint conference phone, the combination provides an end-to-end VoIP platform purpose-built SMBs and emerging enterprises.

SIP Print’s call recording appliance comes in various sizes, ranging from 15 seats to more than 200 seats. It provides a searchable database of calls, archived in .wav format for easy control of playback and integration, and is CALEA compliant.

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