HP Veer 4G webOS Phone Users Can Make International Calls with Voxofon

voxofon_logo.pngVoxofon announces the availability of its services to users of Hewlett Packard’s new compact Veer 4G mobile phone. Currently, VOXOFON IS THE ONLY COMPANY OFFERING A DEDICATED APPLICATION FOR AFFORDABLE INTERNATIONAL CALLING TO VEER USERS.

“Voxofon is delighted to extend our reliable, simple, and affordable international calling services to users of Hewlett Packard’s new Veer 4G mobile phone,” said Alexey Goloshubin, president of Voxofon. “The Veer-Voxofon combination is ideal for individuals on the go who want travel-sized, global communication capability. With Voxofon, Veer users can stay in touch with their contacts from anywhere and at any time, with high quality, budget-friendly international calling.”

Key features of every Voxofon call include:

Simplicity - Calling abroad from any phone is exceptionally easy. There’s no need for PIN codes - just dial and talk. Access to Voxofon Contacts and Call History enables redialing with the touch of only one key. The Voxofon SMS user interface is easy to navigate, even for the mobile phone novice.

Affordability - Voxofon prices start at the low cost of a penny per minute, allowing users to call abroad and spend more time talking with friends and family.

Quality – Voxofon always uses VoIP connections with reliable, high quality routes for connecting calls abroad.

Security - Voxofon protects information so that users can make calls abroad safely.

Efficient Customer Support – timely resolution of any customer issue or concern

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