Global IP Solutions Enables HD Voice and One-Way Video Chat to the iPad

GIPS_Logo2.gifGlobal IP Solutions announces the availability of HD and Super-wideband Voice as well as one-way Video Conferencing/Chat capabilities for iPad developers, powered by GIPS VideoEngine Mobile.

GIPS VideoEngine Mobile supplies iPad developers with a simple to integrate, high-level software API that contains the complex video conferencing/video chat capabilities into applications running on Apple's iPad operating system. As video access becomes available from Apple, GIPS VideoEngine will support two-way video chat/conferencing.

With GIPS VideoEngine Mobile, iPad developers can offer the best quality voice and video communication, overcoming the multiple issues intrinsic to mobile and IP networks such as delay, packet loss, bandwidth limitations, lip synchronization, dynamic bandwidth optimization and echo cancellation. GIPS VideoEngine Mobile ensures conversations dynamically adjust with Wi-Fi and cellular network conditions, thereby maintaining an uninterrupted experience.

GIPS mobile technology is available on the iPad, Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.

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