Global IP Telecommunications Adds ''Ninja Pro'' Version to their VoIP Telephone Line

Global IP Telecommunications is pleased to announce the release of "Ninja Pro," the newest version of their "Ninja" VoIP telephone line. The "Ninja Pro" brings all of the features of the "Ninja" phone, with all of its office functionality and makes it available as a Microsoft Outlook Add-In.

Additionally the "Ninja Pro" brings this MS Outlook integration to compatible SIP Desktop phones including: Snom 300,320,360,370, as well as Aastra 6757i(57i). Such VoIP desktop phones can all be comfortably controlled through "Ninja Pro."

By integrating the Ninja softphone with MS Outlook, users are able to do the same with fewer open windows on the desktop. Contacts are identified automatically by the software, which enables users to react more appropriately to inbound calls. Additionally initiation of outbound calls, opening of conferences or consultation holds are made easy by the line handler control.

Often missed features like a TAPI interface, a well-arranged Add-In for MS Outlook, dialing through protocol handler or dialing using the PAUSE key from within any application program are now available for the supported devices.

The new "Ninja Pro" version is available for download at With its freely customizable user interface the VoIP telephone is suitable for co-branding and for the creation of conceptually different white-label soft-clients.

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