AltiGen VoIP Phone System Pays for Itself in Less Than Six Months

AltiGen announces at the annual Boomer Technology Circle conference that its VoIP solution has provided significant return on investment for accounting firm member Gifford & Cox.

Gifford & Cox is a firm of Certified Public Accountants and Consultants with offices across Western Nebraska. The firm's services are provided to closely held companies and family owned businesses such as tax planning and preparation, accounting and auditing.

By implementing AltiGen's VoIP solution, Gifford & Cox is now able to:
  • Communicate across all four offices as if employees were in the same building
  • Easily connect clients with employees who move from office to office
  • Allow staff in all locations to answer incoming phone calls from any location
  • Utilize call reporting to easily track and bill time spent with clients via the phone
  • Schedule and connect clients and employees using AltiGen's integrated conference bridge
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