FreedomVOICE Offers 9 Ways to Slash Phone Costs and Increase Productivity in a Recession

FreedomVoice_logo.jpgFreedomVOICE lists nine recommendations to help business leaders slash phone costs and increase productivity during a recession. In an effort to help business owners realize the tremendous savings and productivity benefits a hosted VoIP PBX phone solution can provide, FreedomVOICE has compiled a list of 9 ways to slash phone costs and increase productivity in a recession. By subscribing to the FreedomIQ hosted VoIP PBX service, you’ll be able to save money in the following ways:

1. Switch to VoIP

No matter what your industry, call costs for VoIP service is significantly cheaper than call costs for analog phone service. Also, almost all VoIP providers promote a free 30 day money back guarantee and offer domestic long distance calls at no additional cost. According to Jay Schukoske, President of Beach Associates Inc, Beach Associates saved over 50% by switching to VoIP.

2. Use a Hosted PBX Service

Your phone equipment no longer has to be physically located on site. Electing to go the hosted VoIP PBX provider route allows businesses to forgo the large expense associated with purchasing an onsite phone system, as the hosting company will keep the equipment at their location and allow you to access it via the Internet. Users appreciate a hosted system because they don’t have to set aside precious office space for the phone system equipment. The only equipment that needs to be purchased with a hosted solution is the VoIP enabled phones. Using a hosted VoIP PBX solution also means that the business does not have to maintain expensive on-site call switching hardware. Overall, a hosted VoIP PBX saves businesses time, energy, and money.

3. Reduce Staff

If you’re using a hosted VoIP PBX system, then all IT support, maintenance and upgrades will be handled by your solution provider. This will allow you to reduce your staff and cut costs in IT. But making use of a PBX also lets you reduce staff in the administrative department. With today’s VoIP phone system technology, you’ll never need to have someone answer your phone again. After setting up an automated attendant greeting and automatic call transfer, customers will be easily routed to your line without the assistance of a live employee. This means you’ll be able to eliminate the phone receptionist position - if you want to. Hosted PBX services are very flexible and can typically be set up however is best for your company.

4. Avoid System Software Maintenance

Forget purchasing upgraded firmware for your phones. Hosted VoIP PBX providers regularly update your VoIP phones so that you don’t need to. You’ll love having the latest features on a consistent basis. With a traditional PBX, it’s virtually impossible to upgrade to new features and functionality without a forklift to haul out your old system and replace it with the new.

5. Growth Made Easy

Ready to expand? A hosted PBX solution allows you to add or remove phones at will. This means you don’t need to purchase a fixed large phone system in hopes of growth. Instead, you can simply order a new line when the time is right. If for some reason you experience a loss in employees, canceling a line is just as easy.

6. Encourage Telecommuting

A. Reduce Travel Expense

With a hosted VoIP PBX, it becomes easy to access the advanced features of your phone system from a remote location. All a user has to do is connect to the Internet and log in to their VoIP phone and they’ll be able to immediately utilize the same digital phone tools available at the office. With no need to commute, you and your employees can save on fuel costs.

B. Use Visual Call Reports and Recorded Calls to Manage Remote Employees.

Many hosted VoIP PBX providers enable call record and call reporting. Recorded calls and call reports allow business owners to closely manage remote employees and resolve disputes. Through these means, employers can ensure employees are doing their job and providing quality customer service. Chris Lounder, President and Founder of Cruise Adventure Travel Inc., experienced the benefits of visual call reports and call recording capabilities first hand. After switching to FreedomIQ, he had no need for a central office and was able to take his company “100% virtual.”Each employee or agent now works remote from their home office.

C. Save Money on Office Space

Today’s business VoIP phone systems make the virtual office more attractive than ever before. After switching to a hosted VoIP PBX, you’ll be able to work as a team no matter where you and your employees are located. Even if you’re dispersed across the nation, the seamless PBX transfers will lead customers to believe that you’re all working from one office. With no need for an established location, you’ll be able to save on office space costs.

D. Save Money on Utilities

If your employees are telecommuting, then you’ll be able to cut back on utility usage and reduce expenses. By reducing energy consumption you’ll help the environment.

E. Pull from a Greater Talent Pool

When telecommuting becomes a part of your companies culture it opens up a world of opportunities, one of those being the opportunity to pull from a greater talent pool. With no need for a central office, you can recruit from locations around the globe. The larger your talent pool, the better chance you’ll have to get the perfect fit for your business. This can also result in reduced costs, as income levels fluctuate based on region.

7. Unify Your Communications

Hosted phone systems let you more easily unify your communications. For instance, the FreedomIQ hosted VoIP PBX allows you to have voicemails and faxes sent straight to your inbox. It also lets you integrate your outlook contacts. Unifying communications saves time and increases productivity.

8. Utilize a Softphone

In the case that you don’t want to buy a digital phone, but have access to a computer, many VoIP providers can now integrate with a softphone. Softphones are software applications that let you use your computer as a telephone. Certain softphones, such as the X-Lite 3.0 Softphone from Counterpath, are available at no cost.

9. Increase Productivity with Voice-to-Text

Voice-to-Text technology transcribes voice messages and sends them to your email with the audio file attached. Access to voicemail messages in text form allows a user to clearly determine what was said in a message. With this feature you’ll be able to quickly scan voicemails on your phone and PC without having to listen to the actual message.

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