8x8 Launches Hosted IP PBX Phone Service for Enterprise-Sized Businesses

8x8, Inc.8x8 provider of 8x8 Virtual Office and Packet8 broadband business, residential, video and mobile communications services, announces the availability of an enterprise version of its hosted IP PBX phone service suited for deployment in larger organizations located in either a single building, a campus environment or distributed across multiple locations.

8x8 Virtual Office Enterprise, the latest generation of 8x8's broadband agnostic hosted IP PBX business phone solutions, brings the features, flexibility and economies of hosted VoIP to enterprise environments at a time when economic conditions are forcing CIOs and CFOs to seek new ways to reduce operating expenditures. Unlike premise-based PBX phone systems that require a significant financial investment plus management and maintenance resources, Virtual Office Enterprise is a complete business phone solution that delivers advanced PBX calling features combined with cost-effective IP dial tone service, eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment.

The 8x8 Virtual Office Enterprise solution meets the critical performance requirements of large corporations by providing high availability, quality and redundancy. 8x8 has recently upgraded its service infrastructure, deploying a new triple redundant architecture across three independent data centers with each data center connected to redundant IP access providers. This new architecture allows for failure of any software component, server, cluster or even a complete data center failure without affecting service to the end customer.

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