Raketu's VoIP Service Takes Off in Wake of Skype Outage

raketu-logo.gifRaketu announces that the company is realizing over 50 percent increase in the number of consumers subscribing to their VoIP service due to consumer concerns over Skype’s platform stability and security issues as a result of Skype’s use of supernodes. According to one news source, Skype’s outage was due in part to the company’s use of supernodes and its reliance on its users' computers to act as supernodes in routing traffic for other, less well-connected, users. As Skype customers tried to reconnect, many of those supernodes were themselves in the process of rebooting. A bug in Skype’s software did not efficiently allocate the network resources available, and the remaining supernodes were soon overwhelmed resulting in the outage.

Raketu uses a unique P2P architecture that does not use supernodes. This architecture allows the highest quality VoIP calling and highest call-completion in the industry. More importantly, consumers who choose Raketu do not have the security risk and performance problems associated with other services.

Raketu runs over any Internet connection from broadband to dial-up service. Anyone with Internet access can start using Raketu immediately. The service can be accessed via Raketu’s LaunchPad downloadable desktop application currently available to Windows and Vista users, and via RakWeb, Raketu’s web-based client requiring no software downloads.

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